Picture of Surplus Operations Staff in 2017

Surplus Operations is responsible for the receiving and disposition of an estimated 20,000 obsolete electronics and 25,000 Furniture Fixtures and Equipment items each fiscal year.

We operate a comprehensive program that promotes disposal of material through auction, recycling, and the Reuse Program which is facilitated through our OCPS Surplus Facebook site.

George Gideon Auctioneers

All active Orange County Public Schools Auctions are listed on George Gideon Auctioneers, Inc. website, www.ggauctions.comand can be found in one of three methods:

  1. Through their calendar function that has a link on their homepage
  2. Through the scrolling banner on their homepage
  3. Or by the personalized Auction webpage that is uniquely made for each Orange County Public Schools Auction. Auction pages for all agencies are listed in chronological descending order based upon the Auction end dates.


Learn how OCPS schools can get furniture, technology, supplies and more for free and have it delivered!



Surplus Operations in the Channel 6 News!
School cashes in on Recycled Surplus

  • Channel 6 News Video

6501 Magic Way
Bldg. 400
Orlando, FL 32809
Phone 407.317.3729 


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Surplus Availability

Surplus Operations Authorization to Request Items


Picture of Chris Reed and Deborah Barnes receiving the 2017 Florida Department of Environmental Service Recognition Award

In November 2017, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency recognized the Surplus department for their efforts in recycling. Their combined effort of sales, recycling and reuse accounted for 98.4% of all material being recycled in some form, reducing landfill waste.

OCPS is the first school district to receive the 
Florida Department of Environmental Service Recognition Award