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Menu and Special Diets for Food Allergies 

Food and Nutrition Services Department is required to provide reasonable accommodations for students with food allergies. If your child requires a Special Meal Accommodation, due to food allergies and or a medical condition, please click on the link below and complete the form.

Click here for: Food Allergy Board Policy 

Special Diets accommodation yellow apron ialerts students to look for the Yellow Apron to pick up their specially prepared meal.

Diet Order Forms:

Special Diet Order Form

Parent/Guardians must complete and sign the front of the form in its entirety. A signature releasing medical information is necessary should the physician need to be contacted regarding diets related to medical disabilities.

Click here for the Special Diet Order Form 

Special Diet Order Form - Spanish

Los padres/tutores deben completar y firmar el frente del formulario en su totalidad. Es necesaria una firma que revele información médica en caso de que sea necesario contactar al médico con respecto a dietas relacionadas con discapacidades médicas.

Presione aquí para completar el Formulario de pedido de dieta especial

Parent/Guardian must complete this form when the student's dietary needs have changed.


Special Diets Frequently Asked Questions

For questions, please email: [email protected] 

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