Reproductive Health and Disease Education

OCPS supports the comprehensive sexuality education model whereby sexual abstinence is promoted (per FL State Statute 1003.46) as the most effective protection against unplanned pregnancies and STDs, including HIV/AIDS Disease. In addition, comprehensive sexual education also recognizes the realities of sexual behaviors among teenagers and addresses issues relating to contraception and STD prevention, including HIV/AIDS Disease prevention. In addition, all curriculum aligns with state mandates and course standards for teaching sexual health education that is evidence-based, medically accurate, and age-appropriate.

Parents are able to exempt their children from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS (per FL State Statute 1003.42). OCPS parents and/or guardian who wish to exempt their children from participating in reproductive health and disease instruction, including instruction relating to HIV/AIDS, can make a written request to their children's school principal. Visit your children's school's website for principal contact information.

OCPS parents and/or guardians can click this OCPS Parent Portal link to access and view the instructional materials used in OCPS reproductive health and disease curriculum.

Parents and community members can use the link below to provide feedback for the review of content in Instructional Materials currently supported by the School Board of Orange County Public Schools.

OCPS Reproductive Health and Disease Education Instructional Materials Community Feedback Form