Try Read&Write for Google

Read&Write for Google is a Google Chrome extension that gives all students and staff an accessibility toolbar that makes reading and writing easier.

Read&Write for Google is available on Google Docs, Google Slides, Canvas, Seesaw, and on most web pages in Google Chrome.

Request Read&Write for Windows (if needed)

Read&Write for Windows is a more comprehensive version of Read&Write for Google that is designed for students with more advanced accessibility needs. Select link for a full comparison of features between Read&Write for Google and Read&Write for Windows.

To learn more about Read&Write for Windows view the video below.

There is no cost to families to access Read&Write for Windows. To request access, please enter a Student Tech Request at You may be prompted to login with your student's email address ([email protected]) and their password.

Try Microsoft Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader gives all students and staff an accessibility toolbar that makes reading and writing easier.

Immersive Reader is available on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Teams, Canvas, Nearpod, Flipgrid, Minecraft and most web pages in Microsoft Edge.

Increase Access in Microsoft Teams


Access meetings and participate from anywhere with Teams desktop and mobile apps and Teams on the web.


Communicate effectively with everyone regardless of language, cognitive needs, or visual capabilities.


Enable collaboration for everyone by adapting to different learning paces, motor skills, and communication preferences.

More features that help us all do our best work

Use Microsoft Accessibility Features

Windows 10 brings meaningful innovation to all people, whether you have a disability, a personal preference, or a unique work style. With a robust set of built-in and third-party accessibility features, Windows 10 lets you choose how to interact with your screen, express ideas, and get work done.

Select link to access the full list of Windows accessibility features.

Select link to access support guides for Windows accessibility features.

Use iPad Accessibility Features

Every Apple product and service is designed with accessibility features that work the way you do. Make them yours, and make something wonderful.

Select link to access the Apple accessibility features.

Select link to get started with accessibility features on iPad.