The Support Person of the Year award honors educational support personnel for the contributions they make to their schools, district-level sections, units, and departments. The district's Support Person of the Year represents Orange County to compete at the state level to be named at the annual Florida School-Related Employee of the Year.

Congratulations to the 2021-22 Support Person of the Year Finalists!

Rosemary Carsello
Rosemary Carsello, School Secretary
Lake Buena Vista High

Carsello loves being part of a school environment and helping the students and staff with their day-to-day needs. She provides professional development to enhance her co-workers’ capabilities and serves as a leader to other newly appointed school secretaries to help them adjust to their role quickly and effectively. Carsello says she is inspired to help students, staff and parents overcome challenges. These opportunities motivate her to be more open-minded, understanding and thoughtful in all that she does.

Davina ChunoDavina Chunoo, School Secretary
Gotha Middle

In addition to serving as the school secretary, Chunoo is the ADDitions coordinator, Partners in Education coordinator and Student Government Association adviser. She seeks ways to perform intentional acts of kindness to make her school community a better place. This included developing a “Survivor” game to help faculty and students finish the school year strong. Chunoo also encourages her student leaders to create positive moments for themselves and others, and believes these meaningful experiences can change the course of one’s life.

Joy HamiltonJoy Hamilton, Exceptional Student Education Program Assistant
Sunridge Middle

Hamilton asserts there is nothing more inspiring than gaining the trust of children and them feeling safe, seen and heard. Working with students who have physical disabilities has taught her to be aware of their abilities and where an individual student may need academic and emotional support. Hamilton believes success breeds self-confidence and self-worth, which is one of the reasons she started a mentorship program. Her time, compassion and dedication inspired students to improve their grades and behavior to successfully complete the school year.

Jessica Perez PerezJessica Perez, School Secretary/Bookkeeper
Phillis Wheatley Elementary

The ability to multitask, while making each person she encounters feel important, is one of Perez Perez’s strengths. She enjoys assisting administrators, staff and students, and looks for ways to serve her school. Sometimes that is a hug to console an upset child or helping someone interviewing for a job. No kind act is too small. In addition to serving her school community, she volunteers as a chaplain, visiting children in the hospital to provide emotional support, hope and a care during their stay.

Kelly PfeifferKelly Pfeiffer, School Nurse
Maitland Middle

The health and safety of every student and staff member serves as Pfeiffer’s motivation to aid others however necessary. From applying a bandage and ice packs to injuries to actively listening when a student feels downtrodden and needs encouragement from a reassuring caretaker, Pfeiffer works to make a difference in their lives. She also created a system that provides administrators access to their school’s health information in a confidential, quick and efficient manner.

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