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The School Board of Orange County, Florida (“Board”) supports the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) Coordinated School Health Model that consists of eight interactive components. Schools by themselves cannot solve the most serious health and social problems. Schools can provide a critical facility in which many agencies and individuals may work together to maintain and strengthen the well-being of young people. The Board believes that forming Healthy School Teams that incorporate the components of the CDC Coordinated School Health Model will ensure the success of the Orange County Public Schools (“OCPS”) Local School Wellness Policy.

"Health and success in school are interrelated. Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff are not healthy and fit physically, mentally, and socially." - National Association of State Boards of Education

OCPS Healthy School Team Responsibilities

Each school will establish a Healthy School Team:

The Healthy School Team is defined as a group of individuals representing the school. It is structured following the CDC Coordinated School Health Model and will include, but is not limited to representatives from:

  • Health Education
  • Counseling, Psychological and Social Services
  • Nutrition Services
  • Physical Education
  • Healthy School Environment
  • Health Promotion for Staff
  • Family and Community Involvement (including student input)

The Healthy School Team will meet a minimum of three (3) times per academic year and will:

1. Complete and submit an annual self-assessment of school health-related procedures and programs using the CDC School Health Index.

2. Review food sales on school campuses based on the OCPS Eat Smart Nutrition Standards.

3. Develop and schedule the training needs for the school. It is recommended that schools receive input for the training from OCPS' Food and Nutrition Services Department, school nurses, and health and wellness educators.

4. Evaluate the school's progress in establishing and completing wellness goals.


Konstantinos (Tino) Manolopoulos
Healthy School Team Coordinator
(407) 858-3110
Ext. 3292260
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November 2019

School Health Index (SHI)

Printable Elementary SHI

Printable Secondary SHI


Helps you evaluate the things you are doing well in the lunchroom and identify areas of improvement. 

OCPS Healthy School Team

School Health Index (SHI)


OCPS Eat Smart Nutrition Standards

OCPS Wellness Policy