OCPS District Scorecards
The district scorecards include baseline and target data, as well as yearly results for each of the measurable objectives. Data point definitions are included to provide further explanation regarding these measures and how they may be calculated. District scorecards will be updated as needed to reflect available data. On each scorecard, green shaded data indicate progress toward a goal from the year before, white shaded data indicate no movement and red shaded data indicate a decrease in progress from the year before. For clarity, last year it was determined that green would be used anytime the data point exceeds the 2020 goal even if it is a decrease from the previous year.

The business plans following each scorecard include baseline, midpoint and target data for each of the measurable objectives. The plans also outline specific strategies that will be implemented by the year 2020 to help the district reach the set targets and accomplish goals. 

Scorecards and business plans can be viewed by clicking on the links for each division priority.



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