Academic Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an articulated acceleration mechanism open to secondary students who are attending public high school. To enroll in dual enrollment academic courses, students must demonstrate a readiness to successfully complete college-level course work and have attained a qualifying grade point average. In order to determine the high school equivalency and the high school credit awarded for postsecondary courses completed through dual enrollment, please refer to the most current Dual Enrollment Equivalency List. The district must weigh college-level dual enrollment courses the same as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certification of Education courses when grade point averages are calculated. All high schools must follow the Dual Enrollment master scheduling protocols in order to ensure the capturing of Dual Enrollment data for students participating in both on the high school campus and off high school campus dual enrollment courses.

Orange Technical College

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High school students who are in grades 11 and 12 may attend the technical college campus half-day and earn elective credits to obtain a career. Students must take a minimum of three elective credits to be dual enrolled at the technical college campus. Participating students, meeting all established requirements, will graduate from their home high school and be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities including the graduation ceremony. There is no tuition or charge for books (unless books are consumable); however, lab fees, materials costs, equipment and/or uniform costs may apply.

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Valencia College

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Students attending a public or charter school in Orange or Osceola county are eligible to participate in Valencia's Dual Enrollment program. We encourage students to consult with their parents/legal guardians and Dual Enrollment school representative to determine eligibility for the challenge of college-level coursework.

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University of Central Florida

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High School students who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability may be permitted to enroll as UCF students while completing their high school graduation requirements. There are two types of enrollment options: Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions.

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University of Florida

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Dual Enrollment helps eligible accelerated high school students access coursework at the University of Florida from their home district. Our fully online courses are taught by UF faculty, provide students with a college learning experience, and adhere to the UF academic calendar.

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