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Accommodations, Modifications, & Interventions (Elementary)
This session will help families understand the differences between accommodations, modifications and interventions in the elementary school setting and how they may be provided to students based on individual needs.

Accommodations, Modifications, & Interventions (Middle/High)
This session will help families understand the differences between accommodations, modifications and interventions in the middle and high school settings and how they may be provided to students based on individual needs.

Bubbles, Books, and Baby Dolls: The "Building Blocks" to Playing with your Preschooler
In the words of Mr. Rogers, "Play is the work of childhood." Play is critical to healthy brain development. It is through play that children, at an early age, engage and interact in the world around them. Play develops social, motor, and thinking skills while enhancing language development and creativity. In this session, families will learn how to expand their child's play through simple strategies easily implemented in the home. These "building blocks" will enhance development and prepare children for future schooling and a lifetime of learning.

Collaborative Communication: The Cornerstone of Effective Advocacy forElementary School Families
In this session, families will learn techniques to collaborate and partner with teachers, school administrators, and staff to create a positive educational experience for families and their students. This informative session will give families the tools they need to understand perspective, negotiate with confidence, and empower themselves with knowledge about ESE in Florida.

Developing Self-Advocacy Skills for Middle and High School Students
This session will review self-advocacy skills for students age 14 and older.

Empowering Families in Building Vocabulary: It's all about STEM/STEAM!(Elementary)
This innovative virtual training unlocks the wonders of why STEM/STEAM are important in building vocabulary, science, and math. Families will learn about fun science experiments, math activities, STEM vocabulary, and so much more! Families will be provided an opportunity to access websites and resources that support STEM/STEAM. Families may also sign up for FREE web-based digital resources through Special Education Connection provided by the Department of Education.

IEP Basics (K-12)
This session includes an in-depth review of each section of the IEP document to assist families with meaningful participation in meetings.

Increase Your Super Powers with Awesome Accessibility Tools that MakeReading and Writing Easier at Home!
Parent and families are our superheroes, and every great superhero needs a utility belt with special tools to get the job done. Read and Write for Google and Microsoft Immersive Reader are your secret weapons - psst, everyone has them! These toolbars provide text-to-speech, translation, note taking tools and much more right where your student needs them! Join us to learn how to use your secret weapon and make reading and writing easier for your students! 

Parenting Tools for Academic and Personal Success (K-12)
Parents and family members work hard to teach children how to face and solve challenges at home and school. Parenting is easier with tools to help children understand and manage their feelings, have positive relationships with others, and solve problems responsibly. Participants will become familiar with the core social and emotional competencies that lead to academic success, while supporting mental well-being. Families will leave with simple strategies and resources they can use to promote their children’s social and emotional learning. 

Social Emotional Development in Gifted Program Service Models (K-12)
The OCPS gifted service models provide unique social/emotional growth opportunities for gifted students, including understanding and appreciating giftedness, the benefits of being imperfect, and using one's talents to understand and improve the world we all share. This session will explore the different service models at all grade levels and how they benefit our gifted students’ social and emotional needs. 

What Families Need to Know about Nearpod and Canvas (K-12)
In this session, families will learn about Canvas and Nearpod, two of the district's core educational technologies. Families will learn how to use Canvas to monitor their child's learning, and also learn how teachers use Nearpod to engage students. 

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