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OCPS Parent and Family Engagement strives to lead students to success with the support and engagement of families in the community.  Parent and Family Engagement places a strong emphasis on providing parent workshops and opportunities that foster effective partnerships between home and schools. While families in Orange County are diverse in culture, language, and needs, they all share a commitment to the academic success of their children.

Family engagement is an essential ingredient for student success.” 
– Dr. Karen L. Mapp


Title I Parent and Family Engagement commits to:

   ● Fostering a culture of educational equity through capacity-building among district and
      school-based administrators and staff.
   ● Providing quality professional development that equips personnel with the capacity to
      build relationships, strengthen communities and increase engagement opportunities for
   ● Promote student success, parenting and advocacy, and individual growth/wellness.  
   ● Create opportunities for parents, families, and school staff to make connections with
      district departments and community resources.

Parent and Family Engagement provides workshops and learning events to parents and families on ways to effectively engage in their children’s education in order for all students to achieve at the highest academic level.

            Parent and Family Engagement Framework

OCPS Parent and Family Engagement Model

Engagement Liaisons

Parent Engagement Liaisons (PELs) Elementary schools are charged with fostering partnerships between the school and families to support student achievement. PELs work alongside key instructional personnel to design parent workshops that allow families to learn a new academic skill or concept, engage in a practice opportunity and receive feedback. PELs build capacity in families and school staff by subscribing to a culture that prioritizes building relationships, addressing differences, supporting parent advocacy and shared decision-making.  Additionally, Parent Engagement Liaisons ensure resources and opportunities are accessible to all families. PELs are housed in 67 elementary schools district-wide.

Secondary Engagement Liaisons (SELs) are charged with fostering partnerships between the school and families to support student achievement. SELs coordinate sessions or workshops that support families in navigating the landscape of secondary education leading to graduation. SELs work alongside Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Teams to support families of students that require additional support. Additionally, Secondary Engagement Liaisons ensure that resources and opportunities are accessible to all families at each school-site. SELs are house in 18 secondary schools district-wide.

Engage 360: Learn Where You Live

Based on collective feedback from parents, principals and district leadership, Parent and Family Engagement in collaboration with district offices and the community will offer parent workshops throughout Orange County to equip families with relevant information and strategies that will support their child(ren). The parent workshop opportunities will be aligned to four strands.

                                  Supporting Student Success: Student Achievement
                                           Getting Involved: Leadership and Advocacy
                               Promoting Well-being: Social Emotional Wellness/Health
               Embracing Multiculturalism: Connecting diverse cultures to the school system

Parent and Virtual Academy

Parent Academy is an educational program designed to enhance student achievement through the support of community and family engagement. The program’s purpose is to strengthen and build capacity of families. 

Virtual Academy is an online enrichment tool for parents and students to obtain educational information and resources.  Parents and children may attend from home, community sites or schools serving as host sites.   

Parent Engagement District Advisory Council (PEDAC)

Parent Engagement District Advisory Council (PEDAC)  focuses on providing an opportunity for parents, community leaders and district staff to discuss parent and family engagement practices throughout OCPS. 

PEDAC Members:

  • Commit to a two year term as a member (parents/guardians of students in Pre-Kindergarten to rising 11th graders  and or community leaders are eligible)
  • Meet four times each year with district staff to learn about and advise on a variety of programs, initiatives and processes that relate to parent and family engagement
  • Solicit opinions, best practices, and concerns from your communities to bring to PEDAC meetings
  • Promote OCPS events and provide materials, information, and news to their neighborhoods and school communities


                  Title I District Parent and Family Engagement Plan                                          
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             2020-21 Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy

                                        Title I PFEP Brochure Evaluation