OTC-Eatonville Campus Grand Opening 5.8.24


OTC-Apopka Campus Grand Opening 6.1.23

Sneak Peek of the recently completed Water Spring MS 8.3.23


OCPS to open five new schools in Horizon West, Apopka, Meadow Woods 07.20.22

Five new 2022 schools named 04.12.22


Administrative complex named after Chief Facilities Officer, memorial fund created 11.17.21

OCPS to open four new campuses, including two high schools 07.16.21

OCPS issues new RFP for Hungerford Prep site 06.23.21

Seven new schools hold virtual dedications 05.12.21

OCPS to open 4 new high schools, 18 other schools in next decade 5.4.21

New elementary school named Village Park 04.13.21

OCPS plans adult learning center in Apopka 4.8.21

New K-8, middle school start construction 3.5.21


Two new OCPS high schools, middle school named 12.08.20

Magnolia School sets new design standard for students with disabilities 08.19.20

OCPS to hold Sneak Peeks for new schools 07.31.20

School construction program pumps $2.6B into Orange County economy 07.01.20

Three new OCPS elementary schools named by community 04.14.20

Site 80-H-SW-4 Groundbreaking 03.02.20


Horizon West MS School Dedication 11.15.19

Castleview ES School Dedication 11.14.19

Water Spring ES Dedication 11.13.19

Colonial HS Performing Arts Center Dedication 10.30.19

Deerwood ES School Dedication 10.15.19

Boone HS Sneak Peek 08.08.19

Colonial HS Sneak Peek 08.07.19

Deerwood ES Sneak Peek 07.29.19

Water Spring ES Sneak Peek 07.29.19

Pershing School Sneak Peek 07.25.19

Castleview ES Sneak Peek 07.23.19

Horizon West MS Sneak Peek 07.22.19

OCPS to open four new schools in August 07.18.19

Facilities Work Session Highlights 04.07.19

Three New Horizon West Schools Named 03.12.19


Lake Como School Dedication 11.14.18

Frangus ES School Dedication 12.13.18

Maxey Elementary School Dedication 11.13.18

Pine Hills Elementary Dedication 11.07.18

Audubon Park School Dedication 10.31.18

Hillcrest Elementary Dedication 10.30.18

Dover Shores Elementary Dedication 10.29.18

Sally Ride Elementary Dedication 10.29.18

Hidden Oaks Elementary Dedication 10.19.18

Union Park Elementary Dedication 10.17.18

Hungerford Elementary Dedication 10.08.18

Dedications celebrate 11 new or rebuilt OCPS Schools 10.05.18

Pine Hills ES Sneak Peek 08.06.18

Union Park ES Sneak Peek 08.06.18

Audubon Park School Sneak Peek 08.02.18

Sally Ride ES Sneak Peek 08.01.18

Hidden Oaks ES Sneak Peek 08.08.18

Maxie ES Sneak Peek 08.08.18

Frangus ES Sneak Peek 08.09.18

Hungerford ES Sneak Peek 08.09.18

Hillcrest Sneak Peek 08.09.18

Dover Shores Elementary Sneak Peek 08.09.18

Lake Como School Sneak Peek 7.30.18

Sneak Peeks set for 11 OCPS schools 7.23.18

School Board considers 2018-19 Capital and Operating Budget Draft 06.07.18

Facilities Board Presentation 03.29.18

Ivey Lane ES Dedication 03.27.18

Carver MS Dedication 2.15.18

Windermere High School takes top state architectural award 2.2.18

Rock Lake ES Dedication 2.8.18

Mollie Ray ES Dedication 1.30.18


Carver MS Dedication 2.15.18

Windermere High School takes top state architectural award 2.2.18

Rock Lake ES Dedication 2.8.18

Mollie Ray ES Dedication 1.30.18

Site 25-E-SW-4 100% Design Community Meeting 1.29.18

Engelwood ES Dedication 12.14.17

OCPS Academic Center for Excellence Dedication 11.13.17

Westpointe ES Dedication 11.8.17

Laureate Park ES Dedication 11.2.17

Timber Springs MS Dedication 10.31.17

Windermere HS Dedication 10.24.17

Meadow Woods ES Dedication 10.17.17

Sneak Peek for Meadow Woods Elementary 8.10.17

Sneak Peek for Laureate Park Elementary 8.9.17

Sneak Peek for OCPS Academic Center for Excellence 8.9.17

Ivey Lane ES Sneak Peek 8.7.17

Innovation MS Sneak Peek 8.7.17

Windermere HS Sneak Peek 8.2.17

Timber Springs MS Sneak Peek 8.2.17

Oak Hill ES Sneak Peek 8.2.17

Engelwood ES Sneak Peek 7.31.17

Westpointe ES Sneak Peek 7.31.17

Sneak Peek for Carver Middle School 7.26.17

Sneak Peek for Rock Lake Elementary 7.24.17

Sneak Peek for Mollie Ray Elementary 7.19.17

Sneak Peeks set for 13 new or replacement schools 6.22.17

Windermere HS stadium groundbreaking 5.10.17

OCPS Student Enrollment department moving 3.21.17

OCPS School Board Facilities Update 3.16.17

School Siting Ordinance Workshop 02.23.17

Groundbreaking and construction update on Ivey Lane ES 2.15.17

Tour and Groundbreaking for Rock Lake ES 2.1.17

Downtown PS8 School honored with Urban Land Institute Trendsetter Award 1.26.17

Oak Hill ES Groundbreaking and Construction update 01.25.17

OCPS to dedicate NW Bus Depot 01.10.17


Orange County Public Schools set to reopen Monday 10.8.16

Eight new, renovated OCPS schools to hold dedications 10.01.16

Five new, renovated or replaced schools to hold Sneak Peeks 08.03.16

Sneak Peek for New Millennia Gardens ES 8.02.16

Wedgefield School hosting community Sneak Peek 7.27.16

Wedgefield School community Sneak Peek 7.27.16

FACTS ABOUT - Wedgefield School water system 06.20.16

2016-17 Capital Budget workshop 05.19.2016

HostDime closes on 5 acre Hungerford Prep land purchase 5.31.16

Subcontractors sought for eight elementary school projects 04.27.16

OCPS, FDOT to offer first vendor-training class 04.22.16

Groundbreaking for Lake Nona-Area MS 4.16.16

Developers sought for Hungerford Prep property 3.16.16

Five major school projects begin construction 3.16.16

Lawsuits against West Orange Dismissed 3.09.16

Groundbreaking for Avalon-area MS 3.12.16

Avalon Charter Q&A 2.05.16

Audubon K-8 delay Q&A 2.03.16

Millenia-area ES Groundbreaking 1.14.16

Carver MS Groundbreaking 1.08.16


Facts about Horizon West/Sunset Park relief Elementary (Site 117)

Custodial job fair 6.10.2015

Facts about MetroWest Elementary relief 01.05.16

OCPS wins Florida Green School Award 11.23.15

Six new schools to be dedicated 11.09.15

Castle Creek named Florida's top "green" building 10.09.15

New Avalon area MS approved 10.06.15

Avalon MS Relief-Rejected 5.12.15

Apopka ES mural unveiling 8.05.15

West Orange HS Relief-Approval 5.05.15

Summer construction and capital renewal 7.01.15

New Schools 08.19.15

Green Day Event 5.12.15


Renovations Continue with Extension of Sales Tax 08.26.14

OCPS Schools Win Awards 3.25.13

OCPS Recognized for Green Innovation 3.06.14

OBJ Honors Facilities Chief Morris 7.24.14

New Sales Tax Funded Schools Welcome Students Aug. 18


Westridge MS Dedicated

Westridge Students Return to New School

SunRidge MS dedicated

New schools open for the 2012 - 2013 school year

Princeton ES Dedicated

OCPS Students Spruce-Up Schools

OCPS Construction = Economic Driver

Oak Ridge HS Stadium 2013

Rock Springs return release 01.07.13

New Life for Historic Princeton ES

New Campus for Lancaster ES

March 22 Trade Fair; $190 Million in Upcoming Projects

Jones HS Homecoming

Dr. Phillips HS Construction Begins