School Attendance Rezoning Process

The rezoning process includes:

Timeline development
Research and development of option(s)
Meetings held with:
     -School Board - Rule Development Workshop
     -School Board - Public Hearing 

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Rezoning Currently in the Works

None at this time



Board Approved starting Aug 2019

Elementary Schools

Pershing School  (2019) Board approved January 9, 2018. Schools impacted are: Pineloch, Shenandoah, Lancaster, Winegard, Cypress Park ES, and Westridge, Memorial, Conway, Walker and South Creek MS 

Pershing School -  Elementary School Zone Interactive Map

25-E-SW-4 & 49-E-W-4 (2019) Including Watermark Targeted Rezoning Board approved April 24, 2018, revised October 23, 2018. Schools impacted: 25-E-SW-4, 49-E-W-4, Bay Lake, Independence, Keenes Crossing, Sand Lake ES
Watermark Targeted Map  Interactive Map (25-E-SW-4 & 49-E-W-4) 

Middle Schools

Pershing School  (2019)
Board approved January 9, 2018. This rezoning will commence in August, 2019. Schools impacted are: Westridge, Memorial, Conway, Walker and South Creek 
Pershing School -  Middle School Zone Interactive Map

BridgeWater MS and 37-M-SW-4 (2019)
Board Approved April 24, 2018. Schools impacted: Bridgewater MS
Interactive Map (BridgeWater MS and 37-M-SW-4)

Targeted-Watermark (2019)
Board Approved April 9, 2019. Schools impacted are: 
37-M-SW-4 (students currently attending Bridgewater MS)
Interactive map coming soon

Board Approved starting Aug 2020

83-E-SE-3 (2020)
Board approved May 14, 2019
Schools impacted: Northlake Park, McCoy, Moss Park, Sun Blaze, and Three Points Elementary Schools
Attendance Zone Map (83-E-SE-3)
Interactive Zone Map (83-E-SE-3)

20-E-SW-4 (2020)
Board approved May 14, 2019
Schools impacted are: Sadler, Sand Lake, Shingle Creek, Tangelo Park, Waterbridge, West Creek, and Winegard Elementary Schools.
Attendance Zone Map (20-E-SW-4)
Interactive Zone Map (20-E-SW-4)

85-E-W-4 (2019) Board approved May 28, 2019. Schools impacted are: Independence, Keenes Crossing, 85-E-W-4, and Water Spring ES
Attendance Zone Map (85-E-W-4)
Interactive Zone Map (85-E-W-4)

Questions about Rezoning please contact

Dr. Carol A. McGowin 

Director - Student Enrollment



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