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Dr. Betsy Theis, Principal

Maritere Gaymer-Callaway, Assistant Principal

May 29, 2020

Dear Families from Hospital-Homebound,

                We hope your family is well and everyone has remained safe during our recent distance learning.  We realize that it’s been a challenge for our students and their families.  You’ve had to adopt a whole new way of working together at home. You’ve embraced online learning, despite its many challenges, including learning new technologies and an abundance of foibles along the way. We thank you for your support!

                At this time, definitive plans have not been made for returning to school.  Our teachers and staff are preparing this summer for various scenarios for re-entry.  So, when we return, we’ll be ready with the best ways to provide the best education for your child, given our current conditions. Please watch for updates, as August approaches. 

                Meanwhile, our office is now open. Our summer hours will be Monday through Thursday, from 7:00 am to 5:30 p.m.  As in the past, we’ll be closed on Fridays.  Also, we will be closed from June 29- July 5, re-opening again on July 6.  Please feel free to contact us at any time:  (407) 656-2399.

                Congratulations to those moving from elementary to middle school and those who are moving from middle school to high school.  Special CONGRATULATIONS to our seniors who have completed their graduation requirements, during this extremely stressful time.  We wish you well on your next adventure!

                As we look forward to August, stay healthy!  Stay safe!  Keep learning!!



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Dr. Betsy Theis


Welcome to Hospital Homebound

Effective 8/11/2014, Hospital Homebound applications must be requested by the parent/guardian through the Hospital Homebound office. An application can either be mailed out or picked up, but is not available electronically.

Hospital/Homebound offers a short term instructional program for eligible students who have been diagnosed with a medical or psychiatric condition that confines the students to the home, hospital, or other restrictive setting for at least 15 school days. These students must be able to participate and benefit from an instructional program to be eligible for these services.

Teachers provide instruction designed to help the students continue progressing academically in the core curriculum while away from their regular school program. The curriculum at Hospital/Homebound is based upon the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

The Hospital/Homebound School is located at 12301 Warrior Rd., Orlando, FL 34787. The school serves students throughout Orange County in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our student body is dynamic and reflects the diversity within the communities we serve.

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