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Our Goal:

Ensure that school meals are 100% accessible to every child in Orange County.

Nutrition is our Mission:

Food and Nutrition Services provides access to quality, nutritious meals in a customer friendly environment; to enhance and support all students and educators ability to achieve academic excellence while forming lifelong healthy eating habits.

Orange County Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) strives to create vast and successful partnerships with manufacturers and vendors for the benefit and daily service of our students.

The links below allow a path for manufacturers and vendors to submit products and schedule meetings with our team for possible service to our students.

New Product Submission

Fingerprints/Background Screening/Badging

Jessica Lunsford Act

8101 Benrus St.
Orlando, FL 32827
Office Hours:
7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Main Office

Gasmin Varela
Administrative Secretary
407-858-3110, Ext. 3295272

Mallory Reeves, Senior Administrator
407-858-3110, Ext. 3295160

David Richardson, Senior Manager

407-858-3110, Ext. 3295113

Karena Bozarth, District Manager

407-858-3110, Ext. 3295136

Jamila Adams, Senior Administrator
Menu and Nutrition

407-858-3110, Ext. 3295127

Jeannette Rodriguez Amaro, Senior Manager
Menu and Nutrition

407-858-3110, Ext. 3295182

Marisabel Wolfinger, Manager
Marketing/Special Projects

407-858-3110, Ext. 3295119

Vacant, District Manager

407-858-3110, Ext. 3295119