FREE Healthcare for Orange County Students

Edgewater High School
Monday through Friday
3100 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
407-835-4900 ext. 6062023 
Tangelo Park Elementary
Neighborhood Center for Families

Monday and Thursday
5115 Anzio Street (Portable 5)
Orlando, FL 32819

Lake Weston Elementary
Neighborhood Center
for Families

5500 Milan Drive (Portable 1)
Orlando, FL 32810
Walker Middle School
Oak Ridge Neighborhood
Center for Families

Monday through Thursday
150 Amidon Lane
Orlando, FL 32809

Serving students residing in Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville:

Glenridge Middle School
Monday through Friday
2900 Upper Park Road
Orlando, FL 32814
407-623-1415 ext. 5072245 
Winter Park High School
Monday through Friday
2100 Summerfield Road
Winter Park, FL 32792
407-622-3200 ext. 6182437 

Serving students and siblings from Jones High School only:

Jones High School

Monday through Friday
801 S. Rio Grande Ave.
Orlando, FL 32805
407-835-2300 ext. 6092366

All services are by appointment only

Please contact the Student Health Center nearest you for more information and to schedule an appointment

Please bring up-to-date immunization records, sports or other necessary forms, and glasses to appointment

Healthcare services provided by board certified nurse practitioners

Well visits such as school entry, sports, and Special Olympics physicals

Sick visits for diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, including prescriptions as needed

Health Education

Immunization form (680)transfer for school enrollment

Services made possible through the cooperative efforts of:

Healthcare Providers of Florida

Orange County Public Schools

The Orange County Citizens’ Commission for Children,

The Department of Health in Orange County


The Florida Department of Education

The Winter Park Health Foundation