Annual Evaluation

The parent/guardian enrolling a student in a Home Education Program must:

  • Provide an Annual Evaluation for each student, no later than each anniversary of his/her date of registration with the Home Education Program as specified in section 1002.41, Florida Statutes. 

  • Retain each student’s portfolio for two years and make it available for inspection by the Superintendent’s designee, with a written notice.

  • Maintain a portfolio of records and materials including a daily log of educational activities and assessments.

Upload documentation for one of the following five options when completing the Annual Evaluation

  1. A Florida certified teacher (valid regular teaching certificate) chosen by the parent/guardian shall evaluate the child’s educational progress based on a review of the portfolio and discussion with the student; or

  2. The student shall take a nationally-normed achievement test administered by a certified teacher; or

  3. The student may take a state student assessment test used by the school district and administered by a certified teacher, at a location and under testing conditions approved by the school district; or 

  4. The student shall be evaluated by an individual holding a valid, active license pursuant to the provisions of s. 490.003(7) or (8); or

  5. The student shall be evaluated with any other valid measurement tool mutually agreed upon by the school district and the student’s parent.

Click the link below to access the Home Education Annual Evaluation Form

Home Education Annual Evaluation Form