Steps to Enrolling in the Home Education Program

The parent who assumes responsibility for educating a child at home may do so by providing grade level appropriate curriculum or use a virtual education program. If you choose not to use a virtual education program, proceed to completing the Letter of Intent.

Step I: Choosing a Virtual Program

Prior to completing a Letter of Intent, please set up your child’s Orange County Virtual School (OCVS) or Florida Virtual School (FLVS) account.

Orange County Virtual School

Orange County Virtual School is a district supported virtual school,

It is important to know that State of FL diplomas are only available to students registered as full-time OCPS students. All successfully completed coursework offered by OCVS will count toward a diploma when the student attends an OCPS school. Therefore home education students may return to the zone school or apply to be a full time student at OCVS in the 12th grade.

Standardized testing is arranged with the zone school by the parent.

Please note: if your child has a received a Level 4 infraction, they are ineligible to participate in OCVS, but they may register with FLVS. 

To sign up for OCVS click the link below. You must use the FLVS portal to sign up for Orange County Virtual School. When completing the application you will be given a prompt to choose Orange County Virtual.

Sign up here for 
For directions for enrolling in a course and creating an account with OCVS. Get the elementary registration guide here.

Florida Virtual School: 

FLVS FLEX: Take individual courses through FLVS FLEX, either in addition to courses at a traditional school or as part of the home educational program.


Enrollment window: Open year-round 

To sign up for FLVS (FLEX) click here: Florida Virtual School 

Step II: Letter of Intent 

Non OCPS Students 

For students who are entering school for the first time or coming from out of district or state use the following link: 

Letter of Intent - Non OCPS Students 

Current OCPS Students

For students who are current OCPS students, use the link below. In addition, a withdrawal form from the last school attended is required to be uploaded.

Letter of Intent - Current OCPS Students

Please note the following: Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Incomplete applications will not be processed.