My Child Is Moving From Zoned Elementary to Middle School or Middle School to High School

If you have not moved, there is nothing you need to do. Please make sure your address is correct with your current school.

Records of students who stay within their zoned schools automatically transfer to the next level.

I Have Moved within Orange County and My Child Will Change OCPS Schools

If you have moved residences from one OCPS school zone to another OCPS school zone (including Orange County Virtual School, or Home Education), please complete the following step:

Download and complete the
 Withdrawal Checklist and Changing Schools Registration form. (2023-24)
Withdrawal Checklist and Changing Schools Registration form. (2022-23)

Students leaving OCPS to attend Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Private School, or moving out of county/state.

If you are leaving OCPS to attend another school district outside of Orange County, FLVS, or a private school.

Download and complete the 
Withdrawal Checklist.

My child has an approved transfer and will change from one OCPS school to another OCPS school (includes magnet, psychological, staff, etc.)

    You must notify the current and receiving schools that you are activating a transfer by following the step below.

    Download and complete the 
    Withdrawal Checklist and Changing Schools Registration form.  (2023-24)

    Withdrawal Checklist and Changing Schools Registration form. (2022-23)

Students enrolling from outside of OCPS (coming from other states, FL counties, FLVS, or private schools)

You must register/enroll your student following our process described online.
Please go to the 
required documentation page.

My child is returning to their zoned school from OCVS or home education.

You must notify OCVS/Home Education and your zoned school that you are returning to your zoned school.

1. Notify OCVS of intent to withdraw here.
    Notify Home Education of intent to terminate here.
2.Download and complete the 
Changing Schools Registration form. (2023-24)
Changing Schools Registration form. (2022-23)