The Building Code Compliance Office is responsible for new or remodel plan reviews, permit issuance for construction and maintenance, and inspections to determine compliance with the Florida Building Codes, Florida Statutes, and Florida Administrative Codes for all OCPS facilities.

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How Do I ...

How do I print a permit?

IF YOU ARE A CONTRACTOR: Go to your project and click the magnifying glass located on your right side. At the top of the page you will see a hammer and wrench, click the symbol and print permit.

IF YOU ARE A SUB-CONTRACTOR: Log into MyGov and go to your projects. Scroll to the bottom of the page and on the left side search for your company's name. Click view. At the top of the page you will see a hammer and wrench, click print permit.

How do I request an inspection?

Login to MyGov and go to your active project and click the magnifying glass.

IF YOU ARE A CONTRACTOR: click the name of inspection Add a note (example:  Date of inspections, am/pm or anytime, and a description of what you want inspected.) then click Save. Click request inspection and set up the inspection.

IF YOU ARE A SUB-CONTRACTOR: login to MyGov and go to your active page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and on the left side search for your company's name. Click "view". Click the magnifying glass. Click the name of inspection. Add a note (Date of inspections, am/pm or anytime, and a description of what you want inspected.) Save. Click request inspection and set inspection.

How do I cancel an inspection?

  1. Send an email to requesting to cancel your inspections with your permit ID number.
  2. In request a cancellation of your inspection by navigating to your project and type this request in your notes.

How do I apply for Certificate of Completion?

At the bottom of your completed inspections click the "Certificate of Construction Completion".  BCCO will review and, if everything is completed, you will receive your certificate by e-mail.

How do I view a correction notice?

In Mygov, open your project (Failed inspection) scroll to the bottom of the notes and open to see the correction notice.

How do I pay for an failed re-inspection fee?

Mygov only accepts MasterCard and Visa.  Navigate to the failed inspections, click the magnifying glass and view/request Inspections. You should see a "Green Bar", you can pay your fee here by clicking the pay fee button.

What happens if I do not obtain the required permit(s)?

A Correction Notice will be issued and the non-permitted installation will be placed out of service and use. A permit will be required to be obtained along with all the required inspections. If the items that are required inspections are covered up or concealed in any fashion, they shall be uncovered and inspected. This may require destruction to occur and re-installation at your expense.

A simple phone call to the BCCO prior to start of installation would be very helpful to you and your installation.

How much do permits cost?

All permits issued by the Building Code Compliance Office are free of charge. This means that you will get the satisfaction and piece of mind that whatever you construct or install will be code compliant and safe for the students, staff and general public that learn, work and visit all of the OCPS schools and facilities without a cost associated.

How to apply for a permit?

Register with BCCO. Create a password and login using activation letter received from MyGov system. Log into MyGov system. Click "Request Project" button. Pick project type. Describe work. Next. Set location Information (Number street only) Search address. Select. Set Occupancy and valuation. Do not change building code. Set Type: E - Educational. Construction Type: 2B. Enter square footage associated with work. Enter valuation. Set Documents. Next. Summary - Submit application. Done.

How do I apply for an extension for a permit?

Email to: your reason why you need an extension along with your permit ID number.

Location of BCCO Website

How do I apply for a permit by partnering entity?

Customer Category: Community

Procedure for applying for a permit to perform construction activities by a partnering entity such as PTA, donating firms or agencies, etc.
• Must be pre-registered into Mygov on-line permitting program (See Mygov registration instructions)
• If work includes any additions, modifications or removals of any structural or systems components then the applicant must be a licensed contractor
• If entity is not a licensed contractor then contact BCCO at 407-317-3794 to discuss options
• Download and print permit application from BCCO Website at
• Complete permit application and scan into electronic format as a PDF document
• Owner/Agent signature on permit application is mandatory
• Ensure related construction documents have been submitted to prior to application
• Log into the Mygov system at and click on Request Project

• Follow prompts and select permit type and enter description of work to be performed and click Next
• Enter address and click Next
• Select applicable address from list provided and click Next
• Upload previously completed permit application in pdf format into Document box and click Next
• Check box to agree

If completed correctly message will indicate successful submission
Communication Path on-line permitting program with phone contact to BCCO for needed assistance

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