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Lobbyist Registration and Reports

Initial Registration Print the Annual Lobbyist Registration Form. Mail or bring in person the completed form, along with a $25 registration fee and an Authorization form (Sample Authorization Form found here) to the OCPS Ethics Compliance Officer at the Ronald Blocker Education Leadership Center, located at 445 West Amelia Street, Orlando, Florida 32801. Form attached below.
Registering During Visits Prior to any meeting at the OCPS Ronald Blocker Education Leadership Center, lobbyists must sign in at the reception area. If the meeting occurs outside of the ELC, lobbyists must submit their name, entity represented, and the topic of the meeting to the Ethics Compliance Officer within 10 days of the meeting.
Expenditure Report By April 1 of each year, all registered lobbyists must submit an Lobbyist Annual Expenditure Report to the Ethics Compliance Officer. This report must list all expenditures incurred during the preceding year by the Lobbyist on behalf of each entity represented. Form attached below.
Ceasing Lobbying Any lobbyist no longer lobbying for an entity must file a written notice with the Ethics Compliance Officer at the time of withdrawal.
Meetings with OCPS Employees Any and all Lobbyist Meetings conducted with a Board Member, Procurement Official, Staff Member with Contracting Authority or the Superintendent within or outside of the RBELC shall complete the applicable Reporting Form and transmit it to the Ethics Compliance Officer. Form attached below.

Restrictions on Lobbying

No Contact Period This is the time after procurement documents are issued, but before the contract is awarded by OCPS. No lobbying may take place during this time. Additionally, no campaign contributions may be provided to School Board Members or candidates for the School Board during this time.
Former OCPS Employees Until two years have passed from their employment with OCPS, a former employee may not lobby for compensation before the School Board, with two exceptions: collective bargaining or other organized labor representations of employees, and if the employee is granted a hardship waiver by the School Board.

Forms for Lobbyists

Annual Lobbyist Registration Form

Annual Lobbyist Expenditure Report Form

Lobbyist Official Reporting Form        

Authorization to Represent the Principal