Berry awesome activism • by Ashley Sabat
Posted on 04/29/2022
Student smiles in front of table of cookies

Harrison Lintner is on Keene’s Crossing Elementary’s news crew, and each week as his job changed, so did his not-so-subtle hints to the cafeteria staff of a beloved item that disappeared from the menu options.  

On Lintner’s weather days he would say, "There is a 50% chance of rain and a 0% chance of strawberry milk in the cafeteria today." In his word of the day segment he would say, "Absent... strawberry milk has been absent from the cafeteria all year." He always signed off with, “This is Harrison Lintner and they should bring strawberry milk back to the cafeteria.”

After months of verbal hints, Lintner wrote a persuasive paragraph to explain why he wanted strawberry milk to return to the cafeteria. He visited different fifth grade classrooms and collected student signatures from those agreeing with his mission. 

After collecting over 100 signatures, Lintner presented his petition to the cafeteria and asked them to consider bringing his "beloved" strawberry milk back. Yesterday, Cafeteria Manager Mery Yanes and Rocio Mendez surprised Lintner with a special announcement: Strawberry milk will permanently be available during lunch!

Lintner is thankful for everyone's support in bringing back strawberry milk to the cafeteria. Ashley Sabat, his fifth grade teacher, hopes the next time KCE students get strawberry milk from the cafeteria they thank Lintner for his commitment to the cause. 

“It really has been quite a mission and I am so thankful that the cafeteria staff really ran with his request,” Sabat said. “From the student activism to the cafeteria's response it really shows what makes OCPS a great place to be.”