Now accepting applications for magnet programs
Posted on 01/30/2023
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Dr. Maria Vazquez: Hello, I'm Maria Vazquez, Superintendent of Orange County Public Schools. I can't believe we're in the third quarter in our second semester of the 22-23 school,

Jamie Holmes: Year 23. Where does the time go? Hello, everyone. I'm Jamie Holmes and welcome to Mondays with Maria. All right, so Dr. Vazquez, I've done a lot of amazing stories over the last school year, uh, with some of these magnet programs, and that is an impressive list.

Dr. Maria Vazquez: Yes, we have 46 programs that are in 33 of our sites, elementary, middle, and high school levels. And also just in case some of our families are not aware, a magnet program is a specialized learning program. They are focused on academic excellence in highly specialized areas of study. For example, performing arts, stem, steam, world languages, agriscience, aviation, criminal justice, first responders, and culinary. And there are so many more.

Jamie Holmes: I like that culinary program. That list is impressive. All right, so one of the enrollment conditions though, surrounds the number of seats, of course, that are available to be able to get into a specific program.

Dr. Maria Vazquez: Yes, that's correct. For programs with limited seats and more applications than there are seats we hold a lottery. Families are informed of the selection after the application window ends so they can begin planning for the following school

Jamie Holmes: Year. And one of the requirements that families do need to keep in mind though, that's gonna be the transportation they have to provide that and take care of that need.

Dr. Maria Vazquez: That's correct. Um, that's a consideration that parents will have to think about before applying. And the deadline to apply for one of our 46 magnet programs is February 15th. So you have a few more weeks to think about all of these things. And if you have any specific questions, you can email [email protected].

Jamie Holmes: All right, you can see all of those programs on the school choice website. There's a virtual magnet fair to watch, which will give you a lot of different information that can answer some of your questions. I think I'm gonna apply for that culinary program.

Dr. Maria Vazquez: It's a great program. That webpage can be found at Or just look for the magnet program graphic on the front page of

Jamie Holmes: And don't forget the deadline to enroll. That's February 15th. You feel like we're missing somebody?

Dr. Maria Vazquez: Uh, I, I know we do Miss Nancy, but she'll be back at our next Mondays with Maria. Thank you all for watching. I'll see you next week.