Read for the Record embraces creativity
Posted on 10/28/2021
Dragon made from patchwork pieces

Rob Bixler creates a piece of the patchwork dragonToday pre-kindergarten students throughout OCPS participated in the 2021 Read for the Record Campaign, which aims to break the world record for the greatest number of people reading the same book on the same day. Students listened intently as guest readers shared the book, Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon by Kat Zhang.

This year’s book, Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon, aims to inspire students to believe in themselves and to cherish their creative efforts. In the book, illustrated by Charlene Chua, Amy struggles with feeling inspired to create a dragon that looks like everyone else’s. A story from her grandma helps set her in the right direction.

Checkout the photos of district leadership engaged with students. Rob Bixler, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Digital Learning, especially loved being invited to create a piece of the Killarney Elementary pre-k classroom’s dragon.

The 16th annual campaign highlights the importance of building early literacy and language skills so every child enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. 

Jumpstart estimates that adults nationwide will read  Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon to more than two million children that day. Read more about the the 2021 Read for the Record campaign. Checkout these activities families can do at home. The book is available in English and Spanish.