Schools show crossing guards appreciation
Posted on 02/05/2021
A male student and crossing guard stand next to each other

School districts throughout Florida recognize School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, Friday, Feb. 5. Elementary and middle schools, in collaboration with their Parent Teacher Associations, will celebrate their crossing guards with tokens of their appreciation.

A female crossing guard holds a balloon, coffee and donut treat packageEach day, despite the environmental conditions, crossing guards are vigilant at keeping the district’s students safe as they commute from home to school and vice versa. Their diligence plays a crucial role in supporting students’ education by ensuring their safety when crossing busy roadways.

Orange County Public Schools relies on school crossing guards from its local and county partners to staff over 600 school crossing guard posts throughout the district.

Read the School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day proclamation to learn more.

Check out this Crossing Guard appreciation video.