Stroke of perfection
Posted on 02/12/2021
Photo of student artwork framed on a gallery wall

Arts are an essential part of the human experience. They provide a non-verbal communication that emits tone, evokes mood and compels one to empathize with others. OCPS prides itself on its visual and performing arts programs and their ability to enhance students’ creative and critical thinking growth.

In addition to showcasing their talents on their campuses and district buildings, students also compete and earn recognition from various organizations.

The Wyland Foundation’s annual art contest asks students to think about the conservation issues the world faces and to interpret them through art. The Foundation hopes “that the process of interpreting their relationship to the natural world through art will lead students to a greater understanding of their role as future caretakers of our water resources.”

Three Dr. Phillips HS students earned recognition in this nationwide contest.

12th grade $500 scholarship winner - Olivia F.

10 grade $50 gift card winner (tie) - Luana T. and Alana U. 

Locally, WonderWorks Orlando’s “Time to Think” art contest encouraged students to think and express their thoughts through art. FLO-ART: Central Florida Youth Art Gallery, located inside WonderWorks Orlando, will display the winning pieces for a year. OCPS winners include:

Kiara, 12th Grade, Boone High School, Art Title: Fading into the Light

Brandon, 5th Grade, Keene's Crossing Elementary School, Art Title: I Saved Time

Dharik, Kindergarten, Westpoint Elementary School, Art Title: The Future City

Axani, 10th Grade, Windermere High School, Art Title: Head in the Clouds

Katia, 10th Grade, Windermere High School, Art Title: Tempus Fugit

Katiana, 11th Grade, Windermere High School, Art Title: Butterflies


"Congratulations to each of the art contest winners," Brian Wayne, general manager of WonderWorks Orlando, said. “This contest is a great way to encourage the youth in our area to engage in art. We are happy that so many took the time to participate.”

The WonderWorks winners received four complimentary tickets to visit the art gallery and see their work on display.

March is Arts in our Schools month. There will be a new miniature art display at the RBELC showcasing the OCPS student winners.