Summer enrichment builds students' confidence
Posted on 07/01/2021
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Orange County Public Schools is excited and encouraged by the close to 50,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade who have chosen to attend summer enrichment classes.


This year's summer program is designed to provide extra resources and individualized strategies to ensure each student's success. Classes are reviewing standards from the past year to increase students' confidence in their abilities and learning. Teachers are also front loading (previewing) the standards students will encounter next school year. This strategy helps chunk the new knowledge into digestible bites to ensure student mastery.


Teachers are engaging students with hands-on, collaborative learning opportunities to encourage critical and creative thinking. In addition to core subjects, students are also enjoying elective classes, such as art and physical education, too.


Students sit on floor working on Bob taskVideo download  available from Pershing School including soundbites from (in order of appearance):


  • Joy Hiett, teacher
  • Makhi Reese, incoming sixth-grade student, middle school preview
  • Brielle Brunetti, incoming sixth-grade student, middle school preview
  • Callie Concepcion, incoming seventh-grade student, Calculus Project, Algebra 1 preview
  • After reading Bob, a novel, students used their knowledge to complete an Escape Room activity.
  • Students in the Calculus Project, Algebra 1 preview, built peppermint racers and used distance traveled results to calculate mean, median and mode.