They're alive: Bots battle for bragging rights 🎦
Posted on 10/29/2021
Three people work to fix the wheel belt of a battle bot

Walking into Room 502 observers will see organized chaos at its finest. There are students using drills, a band saw, grinders and a plethora of other power tools, to put the finishing touches on their creations. Working in teams, students collaborated to build the perfect battle bot. They have taken an idea and brought it to life. Seeing the creatures move at the whim of their creators would make Dr. Frankenstein proud. 

These magnificent creations are the handiwork of students in Olympia High School’s robotics class. Seeing them in action, it is easy to understand why it’s the most requested course on campus. However, do not let the courtyard chants and cheers during a battle of the bots fool you. In addition to having fun, the students are engaged in hands-on, high level critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students have to master robotics concepts, like circuitry, sensors, DC motors and servos, as well as possess an understanding of advanced mathematics and physics, to get their robots to function properly.

Check out this video to see the students and bots in action.