BCCO - Contractor's Training
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Payment Verification Form

This form is used to report payments made to MWBE, LDB and VBE subcontractors by construction management and architectural firms. It is prepared, certified for accuracy, and submitted with the monthly Design & Construction Vendor Payment Form Contractor Pay Application package.

Instructions for Payment Verification Form

The instructions provide detailed information on how to complete the Payment Verification Form.

LDB Checklist

This document provides a list to ensure completeness of the LDB Application.

LDB Application

This LDB Application should be completed by organizations who wish to be certified as a local developing business.

Personal Net Worth Template

This form enables the business owner to provide information regarding his or her net worth. An evaluation of the business owner's net worth is required for LDB Certification.

OBO Registration Form

This form should be completed by all MWBE, LDB and VBE firms wishing to be listed in the Office of Business Opportunity Directory. Vendors included in the directory are notified when opportunities arise for the commodity/service they provide.

NIGP Codes

List of NiGP Codes - needed for the LDB Eligibility Form and page two of the OBO Vendor Registration Form