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Aspiring  Leaders Academy

Principal's Office

OCPS is committed to the development and support of new, aspiring and experienced school leaders. It is our goal to ensure leaders in our system enhance their capacity, and that we continuously identify aspiring leaders who demonstrate commitment, innovation and a relentless pursuit to meet the academic needs of our students.

As part of the OCPS Leadership Pathways, the ALA aims to develop "Level 5" leaders. A "Level 5" leader refers to the highest level of leadership in the hierarchy of an executive. A person with fierce, even stoic resolve toward life; an iron will to succeed. This is an executive whose genuine personal humility blends with intense professional will. Executives who possess this paradoxical combination of traits are catalysts for the statistically rare event of transforming a good organization into a great one and having the capacity to sustain excellence. This leader recognizes how essential the organization's success will depend on getting the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) to create a culture of discipline and distinction.

Program Participation:

The ALA is designed in alignment and support of the district's vision, mission and goals.  In addition, all components of the ALA are aligned to the ten Florida Principal Leadership Standards.


Program Participation:

Participants of the ALA will participate in a three-month cohort program designed to include high-quality professional development training, authentic leadership experiences and mentoring support to prepare for the assistant principal role. Since all administrators are instructional leaders in our district, the ALA helps participants acquire the necessary skills to become proficient school-based leaders. All members will participate in the assistant principal pool process at the end of the program.

Program Evaluation

Each participant in the ALA will submit an electronic portfolio at the end of the program. In addition, participants will participate in the assistant principal pool process.

For more information, please contact Professional Development Services.