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May 2023 Edition

Be on the lookout for employee IDs in the photos in this issue. If you see your employee ID number, email [email protected] for a prize.

Jennifer Frye
School Social Workers Making An Impact

Jennifer Frye, a school social worker at Lakemont Elementary and Maitland Middle, says her job means she gets to be one of the “helpers” in a sometimes scary world.
“I have always felt strongly that children need people to be their voice and always advocate for their rights,” she said.

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Volunteer Donald Dudley
Foundation Fans: Our Volunteers are Treasures

For a few years during the pandemic, schools were a little less lively with volunteers largely absent. Now volunteers are back, helping schools in big ways and small. Non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals of all ages help our students and staff be their best. 

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In this edition

What is Brain Ball?

In physical education classes around OCPS, students are getting hooked on a new game. This innovative game, “Brain Ball,” combines both mental and physical education, integrating math and literacy into different movement activities. Students work in teams to accomplish a task given by the teacher while moving and learning at all times and of course, having fun.

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Kathy Achinger Miller

Retirement Corner: Kathy Achinger Miller

When Kathy Achinger Miller retires on May 31, she will take ten years of fond memories with OCPS students with her. 

“I love to see it when the ‘light bulb’ turns on and my students are excited to understand something new,” said Miller. “I will miss seeing that!”

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A Funny Thing Happened: How They See Us

Sofie Berlin still remembers this lesson from when she taught at Sadler Elementary:
"I was teaching 3rd grade an introductory lesson on character traits. After I taught them what it means and the difference between physical traits and behavioral traits,  I made a T-chart on the board describing the two types.

I had my class describe me physically and wrote down their descriptions of me. I was so flattered when they described my physical appearance in such nice ways!

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