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A Funny Thing Happened -How They See Us

You don't know what students really think of you unless you ask - but only ask if you really want to know! 

Sofie Berlin still remembers this lesson from when she taught at Sadler Elementary:
"I was teaching 3rd grade an introductory lesson on character traits. After I taught them what it means and the difference between physical traits and behavioral traits,  I made a T-chart on the board describing the two types.

I had my class describe me physically and wrote down their descriptions of me. I was so flattered when they described my physical appearance in such nice ways!

"Then we got to my personality traits. It looked like this:
Ms. Berlin:
1. Likes to eat
2. Yells a lot

"I ended the lesson and jumped into the collaborative structure. I think they got it." 😂

Sofie Berlin
Fifth-Grade Teacher
Lake Silver Elementary

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