Let the Adventure Begin 

It's time for a new adventure. Congratulations on your retirement!
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Name   Work Location     Years of Service
Barbara Acevedo   Avalon Middle     18
Susan Adams   HR and Executive Services     20
Ilia Adorno   Wetherbee Elementary     27
Marvin Alls    Lockhart Middle     35
Doris Andersen   Transportation Student Services     19
Wanda Anderson    Walker Middle     25
Basdai Appadu    Food and Nutrition Services     20
Paula Arias   Roberto Clemente Middle     18
Patricia Arida   Winegard Elementary     12
Stephen Atwood   Winter Park High      35
Gloria Baez   Facilities Services Construction     30
Kimberly Baker   Ocoee High     23 
Nellie Basulto   Spring Lake Elementary     25
Maria Batista    Deerwood Elementary     8
Toya Bell Johnson
  Orange Technical College West Campus 
Tomas Bennett
  Freedom High
Edna Bertrand   Howard Middle     18
Jean Bivins
David Bloom    Windermere High     20
Linda Boot    Horizon High      34
Eva Braxton   Dommerich Elementary     24
Michael Braxton
Millenia Elementary     24
Michael Bridges    Custodial Services     17
Nancy Bromhead    Windermere Elementary      23 
Benita Bryant
  Transportation Student Services
Donna Bryant    Accelerated East High     14
Sandra Burgos-Garcia   Psychological & Social Services     24
Lisa Cameron   Winter Park High     23
Laura Cantell   Lancaster Elementary     28
Myrna Caraballo    Stonewyck Elementary     8
Hilda Carpio
  Killarney Elementary
Magdalena Castro   Forsyth Woods Elementary     17
Gesina Castro Alonso   Walker Middle     16
Barbara Chambers
  Lake Silver Elementary
Vivian Channel    Oak Ridge High     30
Lynette Chamberlin    Lancaster Elementary     9
Dawn Chaney    Rosemont Elementary     18
Susan Childs   Windy Ridge K-8     38
Eleine Civil   Food and Nutrition Services     24
Pamela Cobb    Orange Technical College     32 
Linda Cochran   Winter Park High      39
Ana Colon-Sosa   Elementary Schools     21 
Kathleen Condrey
  Facilities Services Real Estate MGMT
Judy Cory    Waterford Elementary     34
Helen Coye   Transportation Student Services     25
Vickie Cruz   Rock Springs Elementary     30
Albert Davies    BETA     16
Diana Denhard
Food and Nutrition Services     21
Laura Dietz
College Park Middle     25
Joan Dipaola-Schwehm
Lovell Elementary     7
Catherine Driscoll
Magnolia     22
Randall Durkee
  District Police     10
Rosa Ellis Garcia    John Young Elementary     19
Lisa Evans    Ocoee Elementary     33
Rita Faulkner
  Castle Creek Elementary
Marc-Andre Fleurimond
Ridgewood Park Elementary     24
Barbara Fonseca
ITS Customer Care     41
Diane Fray    ESE Instructional Support     34
George Frazier    Colonial High     7
Stephen Fulmer    Piedmont Lakes Middle     29
Pamela Furman    Discovery Middle     17
Lovlania Gallon
Transportation Student Services     29
Yolanda Garcia
Forsyth Woods Elementary     22
Mary Gaskill
ESE Instructional Support     35
Denise Gilcrease
Positive Pathways Transition Center     4
Hilda Gomez
Vista Lakes Elementary     18
Jairo Gomez
Lake George Elementary     21
Antonia Gonzalez
Multilingual Services     28
Gary Green
Food and Nutrition Services     35
Leslee Green
Thornebrooke Elementary     31
Noel Green   Freedom Middle     34
Caroll Grimando
Zellwood Elementary     37
Jacqueline Hamann
Wetherbee Elementary     26
Karen Handley
Orlando Gifted Academy     20
Gloria Hanna
Gotha Middle     8
Bryan Harper
Apopka High     16
Troy Harris
  Carver Middle
Robert Hedrick    Dr. Phillips High     41
Lisa Hewitt
  Westbrooke Elementary
Cheryl Hobbs
Food and Nutrition Services     33
Elizabeth Hobson   College Park Middle     13
Mary Holman    Waterford Elementary     10
Susan Homer
Hunter's Creek Middle     36
Kevin Houck    Freedom High     8
Deborah Hudson
Boone High     25
Lisa Hunter
Facilities SVC Maintenance     22
Stacy Huntzinger
Spring Lake Elementary     33
Albert Hutchinson
Freedom High     21
Mary Inman
Audubon Park School     18
Doretha Jackson
Transportation Student Services     7
Capildeo Jadonath
Orange Technical College - East Campus     23
Beverly Jameson
Andover Elementary     33
Lydia Jenkins    Lawton Chiles Elementary     6
Sharon Jenkins    Hiawassee Elementary     34
Diane Johnson
  Vocational Technical Education
Frank Johnson
   Maintenace Northwest      35 
Lynden Johnson
  Building Code Compliance Office
Sara Johnson
Meadowbrook Middle     31
Brenda Jones
  Food and Nutrition Services
Tammi Jones
Colonial High     18
Marie Joseph
Freedom High     19
Debra Judd
Food and Nutrition Services     30
William Kelly
Piedmont Lakes Middle      22
Bonita Kirkpatrick   Gotha Middle     16
Francine Kniel
Brookshire Elementary     24
Pamela Kortas
Lakeville Elementary     23
Thomas Larkin    Hunter's Creek Middle     18
Patricia Leichering
Food and Nutrition Services     25
Xuehua Lew
Food and Nutrition Services     22
Rosemary Lipman    Sunshine Elementary     10
Janet Ludwig
Rock Lake Elementary     21
Daisy Lugo
  Boone High
Gloria Lugo
Chickasaw Elementary     23
Doris Malave
  Psychological & Social Services
Max Mallerbranche
Transportation Student Services     25
Sandra Manalo
  University High
Marisol Marrero
Lake Nona High     18
K Scott Martin
Brookshire Elementary     33
Maureen McCoy
Food and Nutrition Services     10
Rebecca Millan
Multilingual Services     20
Jennifer Miller
Food and Nutrition Services
Shari Milligan
Apopka Elementary     31
Elaine Mitchell
Transportation Student Services     27
Wanda Mitchell
Howard Middle     12
Cheryl Moore    Lockhart Middle     29
Marlene Moore
Apopka High     35
Michael Moore    Custodial Services     31
Gayle Mooring    Acceleration West     34
Alvin Morrison
Custodial Services     21
Teresa Mosquera
Transportation Student Services     24
Zoraida Moure
Food and Nutrition Services     19
Iris Myers-Simmons
Shingle Creek Elementary     23
Carlos Navarro Montanez
Transportation Support Services     16
Amy Noegel
Deerwood Elementary     23
Roberta Nyffeler    Stone Lakes Elementary     15
Migdalia Ocasio Luna
  Food and Nutrition Services     26
Mary O'Dell
Ocoee Elementary     31
Timothy O'Malley
Maintenance Northwest     11
Maria Ojeda
Camelot Elementary     30
Mary Osteen Davies    Wedgefield K-8     31
Marion Owens
  Juvenile Offenders Program      29 
Susan Packer   Windy Ridge K-8     26
Beverly Page
ESE Pol & Pro Sup SVC Nonpub     2
Savatry Paguandas
Oak Hill Elementary     23
Linda Parsons
  Arbor Ridge K-8
Yvonne Patten
Ocoee High     3
Ellen Patterson
Hunter's Creek Elementary     28
Ivette Perez
Camelot Elementary     22
Rafael Perez
  Waterford Elementary
Suzanne Pickell
   ESE Instructional Support     23
Juan Pinero
Custodial Services     18
Marta Pinner    Lakemont Elementary     16
Deborah Pirolli
Chain of Lakes Middle     24
Margarita Portillo
  Shenandoah Elementary     25
Rose Powell
  University High
Cynthia Powers
Waterford Elementary     34
Maria Ramos
Glenridge Middle     19
Belinda Ratliff
Sadler Elementary     32
Parie Register            
Washington Shores Elementary     4
Christie Reid
Employment Services     4
Elizabeth Renzulli    Lake Whitney Elementary     35
Marlene Rivera    Oakshire Elementary     24
Sally Rivera
OCVS Virtual Franchise     18
Wanda Rivera
  Dillard Street Elementary
Jose Rodriguez Lopez
Transportation Student Services 
Adrienne Rollins
Retirement Services     17
Lila Romero
  Psychological & Social Services
Gregory Ross
Custodial Services     13
Idabel Ruiz-Perez
Transportation Student Services     26
Jose Sanchez Chicas
Hillcrest Elementary     8
Rebecca Scanlon
Food and Nutrition Services     18
Lynn Sellers
  McCoy Elementary
Juan Serge
Transportation Student Services     10
Barbara Shackelford
College Park Middle     24
Derese Shackleford-France    Boone High     26 
Valerie Shepard
Transportation Student Services     23
Laverne Showers
  Food and Nutrition Services
Suzanne Shuman    McCoy Elementary     13 
Angeles Silva-Johnson
Orange Technical College - West Campus     30
Beatriz Smith
  Odyssey Middle
Bradley Smith    South Creek Middle     17
Linda Smith
OCVS Virtual Instruction Course Offering     29 
Patrick Smith
Office of Management and Budget     24
Erick Somwaru    Orange Technical College - South Campus     6
Evelyn Sosa
Transportation Student Services     16
Kenneth Stees
Custodial Services     33
Eileen Stickland    Chain of Lakes Middle     1
Beverley Suah
ESE Supplemental Services     30
Wanda Swanigan
Thornebrooke Elementary      44
Lori Taylor
Shenandoah Elementary     23
Nichelle Thomas   Lake George Elementary     33
Carol Togno   Pineloch Elementary     27
Helen Tookes-Tyree
Glenridge Middle     23
Lynda Touchton
Apopka High     34
Jill Trimble
Southwest Middle     20
Maritza Vazquez Navarro
Food and Nutrition Services     18
Ana Vega
Chickasaw Elementary     26
Ruth Velazquez
Castle Creek Elementary     29
Elizabeth Walton
Food and Nutrition Services     16
Carol-Ann Warren
Palm Lake Elementary     37
James Watson
Maintenace Northeast      23
Janet White
   Summerlake Elementary     22
Stanley Wood
East Lake Elementary     17
Teresa Yates
West Orange High     32
Raymond Yockel
Southwest Middle     25
Amy Ziev    ESE Instructional Support     3