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Register your Special Event for approval and determine if a safety inspection and permit are required.

Doc SE Steps and Approval Process
Review NEW Steps to Holding and obtaining Approval for your Special Event.

Doc Special Event Compliance Guide
Certain restrictions or criteria apply to activities at your event.  The event Sponsor and School should adhere to these rules.

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Proof of Insurance to Participate in Event - Examples of Acceptable Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Special Events have resumed for the 2021-2022 school year.
Event organizers MUST follow all safety guidelines
as outlined in the COVID-19 Health and Safety Procedures Manual

NOTE: As of August 27, 2021 indoor dances have been suspended until further notice. Approvals for outdoor dances will be considered.

Please be reminded:

  • All PTAs/ PTOs/ PTSOs MUST have a current certificate of insurance on file with Risk Management in order to organize a school event.

  • Most participating vendors MUST provide a proper certificate of insurance to be approved (exceptions listed on the Special Event form)

  • All COIs MUST name the School Board of Orange County, Florida as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured. Click HERE for an example of acceptable COI.

  • Email COIs to [email protected]  including school, event name, and date on the subject line. 

WHAT is considered a Special Event?
Any activity or event that is not an in-class curriculum-related activity is considered a Special Event.  These activities and events may involve students only tor the surrounding community, where the school or its PTA/PTO/PTSA, club, booster, sports team, etc. are being encouraged or supported.

WHY do I have to register my Special Event with Risk Management
? Risk Management monitors Special Events to reduce the liability to the District ensuring vendors are adequately insured by obtaining proof insurance. Registering your activity or event will help Risk Management determine whether the insurance obligations fall on OCPS, third parties, sponsors, or participants. Additionally, the OCPS Office of the Fire Marshall requires onsite inspections and permits for certain activities.

WHY do I have to obtain permission/approval to hold an activity or event? The safety of our students, employees, and visitors is the utmost importance. Therefore, we must ensure that your event is held in a proper and safe manner. There are certain criteria that must be met to be allowed on OCPS property.

WHY is a Permit required for certain Special Events? OCPS must comply with certain Building Codes, Fire Codes, and other laws or regulations for all activities held on OCPS property. The OCPS Office of the Fire Marshal is the “Authority Having Jurisdiction” overall OCPS locations, including schools. A permit shall be obtained from the governing jurisdiction for certain activities or events.


Facility Use: A Facility Use Agreement applies when a third party wants to use school property for their own purpose. This is typically when a church, athletic league, scouts, or other outside party is planning an activity where the use of the school facility is useful for their purpose or possible benefit to the community, but has no direct impact on the school or its students. For more information about this process and whether it applies, please refer to Facilities Use.

Special Event: If the PTA, PTO, Booster, school, or other group is using the school facility for fundraising purposes or to promote the school or students, then follow the Best Practices for Special Event Request and register your event today. Other activities that apply to Special Event Request process include:

a)    a) Homecoming activities

b)    b) Theatre performances

c)    c) Third-party concessions on property

d)    d) Other promotions or activities held at schools or other OCPS facilities
 e) Some off-property activities involving students or employees (excluding field trips).


Schools or Facilities should NOT allow an event be held on OCPS property without a Facility use agreement OR approval from OCPS Risk Management.

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