In accordance with FL Statute 1006.40 (2), Orange County Public Schools is committed to providing “each teacher and student in kindergarten through grade 12 with a major tool of instruction in core courses of the subject areas.” Orange County Public Schools is a closed district for instructional materials adoption and follows the FLDOE instructional materials adoption timeline. The FLDOE provides valuable information pertaining to instructional materials on the following websites:

Currently Adopted Instructional Materials

Currently Adopted Instructional Materials 

In addition to adhering to FL Statute 1006, Orange County Public Schools adheres to School Board Policy IJ which details policies and procedures for the adoption of instructional materials. All currently adopted instructional materials have followed the policies and procedures in accordance with School Board Policy IJ. A list of currently adopted instructional materials is available below:


Review Instructional Materials

In accordance with FL Statute 1006.28, the public is able to request to review any of the district’s currently adopted instructional materials. For questions, concerns, or to gain access to specific instructional materials, see the spreadsheet linked below:

To request the district reconsider any of the currently adopted instructional materials, please complete the form linked below. Any parent, guardian, or citizen of Orange County who has fully read, seen, or heard the instructional material in question may complete the form below. Once completed, the forms should be submitted to the school principal. Per school board policy KEC, concerns will go through a school-level appeal. If the parent, guardian, or citizen of Orange County disagrees with the results of the school level appeal, the appeal would move to the district-level. 

Request for Consideration

In the event of an instructional material concern, parents or guardians may request the use of the instructional material be reconsidered following the process outlined below:

  1. Parent or guardian completes the Request for Consideration Form (link this). 
  2. Upon completion of the form, parent or guardian submit the form to the school principal.
  3. School principal convenes a committee of faculty members who can evaluate the educational value of the instructional material in question and make a decision.
  4. School principal will relay decision about the instructional material to parent or guardian and provide possible options if necessary. 
  5. Should parent or guardian disagree with decision or options provided, the school principal escalates the concern to the district office. 



Instructional Materials Adoption

Orange County Public Schools is currently in the process of adopting 6-12 English Language Arts Instructional Materials that are aligned to the new Florida B.E.S.T. Standards. All publishers on the FLDOE Bid List were contacted and all communication related to the adoption process is taking place on EdCredible. Resources for the in progress 6-12 English Language Arts adoption are accessible below:

In accordance with FL Statute 1006.28, community members will be invited to review the recommended 6-12 English Language Arts instructional materials once the review committee makes their final recommendation. 

The Orange County School Board voted to approve the recommended instructional materials for K-5 English Language Arts Instructional Materials that are aligned to the new Florida B.E.S.T. Standards. In accordance with FL Statute 1006.28, the public is able to view the selected materials following the directions accessible below:


Instructional Materials Community Feedback

Use the link below to provide feedback for the review of content in Instructional Materials currently supported by the School Board of Orange County Public Schools, or recommended by the Adoption Review Committee for the current adoption.

OCPS | Instructional Materials Community Feedback

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