The OCPS District Police is currently comprised of thirteen sworn law enforcement officers and thirty-seven civilian staff members.  This team is a a diverse group who embraces the challenges of working with law enforcement and education personnel to provide a safe and secure educational environment for all students who attend our schools.  Below you will find two pie charts.  The first chart depicts the diversity of the sworn law enforcement personnel employed by OCPS, and the second chart depicts the entire diversity of all employees of the District Police

Pie Chart Image Showing Sworn Law Enforcement Officers Racial Breakdown 

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

Non-Hispanic White Male 61%
Non-Hispanic Black Female 8%
Non-Hispanic Black Male 8%
Hispanic White Male 23%

 Diversity of District Police Personnel - Details to the right - Racial Breakdown to the right

Diversity of District Police Personnel

Non-Hispanic Black Female 6%
Non-Hispanic Black Male 24%
Hispanic White Female 8%
Hispanic White Male 18%
Hispanic Black Female 2%
Hispanic Black Male 2%
Non-Hispanic White Female 12%
Non-Hispanic White Male 28%