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Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA) for Students with a
Significant Cognitive Disability - Internet Site

Technical Assistance Paper - provides technical assistance regarding revisions to Rule 6A-1.0943, Florida Administrative Code, Statewide Assessment for Students with Disabilities.

  • Appendix B: Checklist for Course and Assessment Participation-The "3 Questions Document"
NEW: The following guide will help IEP teams determine if FSAA-Datafolio or FSAA Performance Task is the most appropriate way to assess the student:

FLDOE - Assessment Planning Resource Guide for IEP Teams

OCPS - Consideration for Access Points Instruction Guide and Form

Additional Guidance for IEP Teams Regarding "Significant Cognitive Disability":

Memo from the FLDOE regarding additional guidance on Significant Cognitive Disability

"FLDOE Guidance Document: Significant Cognitive Disabilities"

****Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ****

  • Should your student be taking an alternate assessment?

    See OCPS Consideration for Instruction in Access Points Guide and Form (above) before making the determination. Parent permission MUST be obtained before instruction in Access Points and Assessment in FSAA can commence.
  • What is the assessment for students working on Access Points?

    Students with a significant cognitive disability, working on Florida Standards Access Points will take the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA) in grades 3-10, and assessed courses for EOCs.
  • Which courses have EOCs?

    Access Algegra 1, Access Geometry, Access Biology, Access Civics (7th grade) and Access US History 
  • What will the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment assess students on?

    The FSAA will assess the Florida Standards Access Points for ELA and Mathematics and the NGSSS Access Points for Science (go to the Cognitive Disabilities Homepage for links to CPALMS and IMS where these standards are located). Also, Access Civics in 7th grade and Access US History as an EOC in high school.

Submit additional questions via email to Rachelle Kmetz


Progress Monitoring for Access Points Portfolio (PMAPP)
can be used to monitor progress of any Access Point

OCPS teachers: click this link to go to the intranet and download the documents that go along with the PMAPP. Charter School teachers need to email Kimberly Riley or Rachelle Kmetz to request the documents.

PMAPP Rubric

No Child Left Behind

For Parents:

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Learning Opportunities For Your Child Through Alternate Assessments

A U.S. Department of Education booklet which will introduce parents to the "big ideas" contained in school improvement efforts under NCLB and IDEA, and provide information you need to help ensure your child can benefit from these efforts.

For Employees Only:

Select this link to go to the FSAA Intranet FSAA Site - Teachers, this site has a great deal of helpful information and resources. You may want to Bookmark it for future reference.

Select this link to view the Fall 2018 FSAA Coordinator Meeting that was held via the Big Blue Button in October 2018.

If you have any trouble accessing the session, email Rachelle Kmetz, Nichole Comeaux or Gina Horton.

FLDOE Brochure

2018 FSAA Reports
Understanding the FSAA Reports

FLDOE Alternate Assessment Website

Measured Progress FSAA Portal

Interesting Reading

Read the latest research document "Common Misperceptions and Research-based Recommendations for Alternate Assessment based on Alternate Achievement Standards" by selecting the following link:

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Cognitive Disabilities Home Page
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FLDOE data warehouse of Course Descriptions, Access Points, Professional Development and links to activities aligned to the access points.

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