Since 1997, the Citizens’ Construction Oversight and Value Engineering Committee, commonly known as COVE, has been overseeing all school construction projects within Orange County Public Schools. The committee is made up of volunteers with expertise in construction, engineering, finance and auditing. None of them do business with the district, and the committee is independent of the district.

Working with COVE, the district has developed prototypes for elementary, middle and high schools. As a result, the district has already won millions of dollars from the state’s SMART Schools Clearinghouse, which recognizes school districts that build high-quality new schools cost-effectively.

As part of the half-cent sales tax package approved by voters in September of 2002, COVE will continue to oversee all construction and renovation projects for as long as the sales tax is in effect. The committee’s involvement will ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely.

Questions or comments for the COVE Committee may be sent by e-mail by accessing the COVE email selection to the right.

Members of the COVE Committee:

Pat Knipe (Chair)
Partner (Retired)
Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Douglas A. Kelly (Vice-Chairman)
Vice President & General Counsel
American Automobile Association

Stuart Kramer
Undergraduate/J.D. Degree
Over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry

Sarah Taylor
Rosen Standards Manager
Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Jeffrey Hart
Project Executive
Development Ventures Group, Inc.
Over 33 years of experience in Construction Management

George O. Hack P.E.
Associate/Construction Contract Administrator 
60 years of professional experience in the Construction Industry 

Jacki Churchill 
Chief Financial Officer 
Florida Department of Transportation 

Next COVE Meeting

The Construction Oversight and Value Engineering (COVE) Committee meets monthly at the John T. Morris Facilities Complex, 6501 Magic Way, Building 200, Orlando, Florida 32809.

The next regular COVE meeting will begin at 8:00 AM on Thursday, June 15, 2023.

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