School Board meeting highlights (Oct. 27)
Posted on 10/27/2020

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The School Board of Orange County held a regularly scheduled board meeting at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center Tuesday, Oct. 27. These are the highlights of the meeting:
School Board members were presented with a Strategic Plan update by OCPS District Police which provides law enforcement and safety screening services, liaisons with local law enforcement partners, manages security, communications and intelligence capabilities, and oversees compliance of the Marjory Stoneman High School Safety Act and Jeanne B. Clery Act. Chief Bryan Holmes presented and provided recommendations to the Board in the areas of:
•  School Safety Specialist role and responsibilities
•  Police and Security
•  Emergency Preparedness
•  Physical Security Improvements
•  Mental Health
•  Compliance with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act
•. Grant funding
Strategic Plan update presentation.
School Board approved revisions to Board Policy ADC: Tobacco-Free School
School board members approved revisions to Board Policy ADC. Revisions include a new title and language recognizing that the use and promotion of tobacco products, including electronic smoking devices, is a health, safety, and environmental hazard to students, staff, members of the public, contracted vendors, and visitors. The use of all tobacco products, tobacco-related products, and electronic smoking devices are prohibited on School Board property at any time.
School Board recommends new impact fees
The School Board endorsed and recommended approval of a proposed impact fee schedule that could increase funds available to build schools in high-growth areas or in areas requiring relief from overcrowded schools. The proposed fees would update current impact fee rates to reflect the current cost of construction of a new student station. Additionally, this impact fee update introduces a new, lower rate for high-rise developments and creates different rates for new single-family homes depending on their size.
The board endorsed the following proposed new rates, with the recommendation that county commissioners initially discount the fee and consider exempting mobile homes.

Impact Fees
Housing Type   Current Rate
(From 2016 study)
New Rates
 < 2,000 SF  $8,784.00  $9,480.00
 2,000 – 2,499 SF  $8,784.00  $10,215.00
 2,500 – 2,999 SF  $8,784.00  $12,243.00
 3,000 – 3,999 SF  $8,784.00  $12,902.00
 >= 4,000 SF  $8,784.00  $10,291.00
 Townhouse  $6,930.00  $9,455.00
 Multi-Family (High Rise)  $5,919.00  $330.00
 Multi-Family (Other)  $5,919.00  $7,250.00
 Mobile Home  $6,088.00  $11,153.00

The proposed impact fees update will need to be reviewed and approved by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners before taking effect. Commissioners are expected to consider the updated impact fee schedule on Dec. 1. An impact fee is a one-time charge levied against new development to fund infrastructure capacity, including new schools, that are needed as a result of growth. View the Orange County School Impact Fee Update presentation.
November proclamations for Orange County Public Schools
•  Week of the Family Nov. 7-14
•  National Philanthropy Week Nov. 8-12
•  National School Psychology Week Nov. 9-13
Changes regarding administrative personnel
Superintendent Barbara Jenkins announced the following new administrator:
Maria Alejandra Aguado, assistant principal, Freedom High
*Reminder* All board meetings are live-streamed on the School Board’s YouTube page and will be accessible from web browsers on computers or mobile devices.