Verification of Residence

Notarized statement issued by the office of Student Enrollment when the parent or guardian does not have a lease in his/her name or proof of home ownership.

If you do not have a lease or own your own home (i.e., you SHARE the housing of another person who owns/rents the home), submit your documents to the Office of Student Enrollment (at a minimum):

  • The owner/renter of the residence must submit one document from Column A and Florida drivers license/ID; and,
  • The registering parent must submit two documents from Column B, one of these must be the Florida Drivers License/ID.

All documents must be current, valid, and include the residential address used for enrollment.

Verification of Residence

  • property tax bill


  • DEED




  • Florida identification card or Florida drivers license (required)

  • current utility bill (i.e., electric, water, waste)

  • current telephone or cellular phone bill

  • current cable/satellite bill

  • current automobile registration

  • automobile or health insurance

  • current credit card statement

  • current bank account statement

  • current paystub

  • voter's registration

  • private mail (within last month)

  • official mail (within last month)

  • u.s. postal service confirmation of address change request

  • last three months of rent receipts


All documents must be current, valid, and include the residential address used for enrollment.

*Office of Student Enrollment may require more documentation such as proof of detachment from previous address (i.e. termination of lease, final power bill/water bill, etc.)
Note that schools will only accept an address verification form that has been notarized/sent by a staff member in the Student Enrollment Office.

 Step-by-Step Process for Electronic Submission for Verification of Residence (VOR)

Minimum documents required (see above) to send to Student Enrollment:

  1. Current Photo ID of the parent/guardian*
  2. One (1) item above from Column B from parent/guardian to the address being verified (current items within last month, for example)
  3. Current Photo ID of lessee or homeowner
  4. Copy of the lease (includes (at minimum) dates and signature pages) or proof of home ownership (homestead exemption, tax notification, etc.)
  5. Download a VOR Application here
    • save this file to your computer
    • fill in the information
    • save completed form and attach to the email.
  6. Send email to [email protected]
    • Subject: “VOR- your name”
    • Attach all documents to one email

*A temporary verification may be issued until all required documentation is provided.

Note: More documentation may be required depending on circumstances on a case by case situation.

Upon submission – please allow 2 business days for a reply from Student Enrollment.