Verification of Residence

When a parent or guardian does not have a lease or proof of home ownership in his/her name, it is necessary to receive a Verification of Residence -- a notarized statement issued by the office of Student Enrollment.

For example, if you SHARE the housing of another person who owns/rents the home, you must submit the following documents (at a minimum) to the Office of Student Enrollment:

The owner/renter of the residence must submit a Florida Drivers License/ID and at least one additional document from Group A below;


The registering parent must submit a Florida Drivers License/ID with current address and at least one* document from Group B below. All documents must be current, valid, and include the residential address used for enrollment.

*Additional documents may be required. Office of Student Enrollment may require more documentation such as proof of detachment from previous address (i.e. termination of lease, final power bill/water bill, etc.)

Please note: Please follow the instructions below for applications - Student Enrollment is no longer accepting applications via our email address.

Group A Documents

  • Property Tax Bill
  • Homestead Exemption Card
  • Deed
  • Home Purchase Contract
  • Current Lease Agreement

Group B Documents

  • Current Utility Bill (i.e., Electric, Water, Waste)
  • Current Telephone or Cell Phone Bill
  • Current Cable/Satellite Bill
  • Current Automobile Registration
  • Automobile or Health Insurance Card
  • Current Credit Card Statement
  • Current Bank Account Statement
  • Current Paystub
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Private Mail (within last month)
  • Official Mail (within last month)
  • U.S. Postal Service Confirmation of Address Change Request
  • Last Three Months of Rent Receipts

How to Submit Application for Verification of Residence (VOR)

Step 1 - Download a Verification of Residence (VOR) Application and save to your computer. Do not fill out in Chrome, use Adobe Reader only... 

Step 2 - Complete and save the form.

Step 3 - Gather all required documentation listed above.

Step 4 - Click here to submit your application and documents via secure form.

Please allow seven (7) business days for a reply from Student Enrollment.

Note that schools will only accept a Verification of Residence form that has been notarized/sent by a staff member in the Student Enrollment Office.