Bullying Prevention District Resources

Prevention plays a critical role in minimizing the occurrence of bullying incidents in our schools and community. OCPS Mental Health Services aims to take a proactive approach in creating a positive school climate through the implementation of  prevention initiatives. All schools are encouraged to celebrate, and engage their student body in activities that will promote a culture of kindness and build positive relationships to support our students' overall well being.

Start with Hello Initiative 

OCPS celebrates Start with Hello Week every September.

Start with Hello is a youth violence prevention program from Sandy Hook Promise that teaches students to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other. Throughout the week schools engage in activities and curriculum that empower students to end social  isolation in three easy steps.

Start With Hello Week Website  

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. During the month of October OCPS promotes awareness and education on bullying to create a culture of positive school climate. Throughout the month of October schools engage in a variety of activities that encourage students to spread kindness and become an Upstander against bullying

OCPS celebrates Unity Day annually during PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month to unite together against bullying. Students and staff are encouraged to wear orange to show they care about safe and supportive schools and communities. 

Unity Day Resources 

Bullying Prevention 101,  "A Quick Guide for Parents "

Kindness Awareness Days 

World Kindness Day November 13th, 2022

  Random Acts of Kindness Week February  12th-18th, 2023

  Random Acts of Kindness Day February 17th, 2023 

Teach Kindness is a free K-8 curriculum to foster kindness and improve school climate. These lessons are optional and are available for schools. TeachTeach Kindness  lessons offer engaging, exciting lessons that are designed to Improve school climate Reduce suspensions Foster social & emotional development.