The Building Code Compliance Office is responsible for the review of all construction documents for OCPS facilities which includes new or donated playground equipment and its installation.

All construction and/or installation requires:

  • Permits
  • Inspections (Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and Building)

Some construction and/or installation requires:

  • Design and Architectural Plan Documents

Please contact the BCCO to determine your specific needs.

How Do I...

Why do I need a permit at my school?

Florida statutes require that all municipal governments provide for the enforcement of the Florida Building Code along with other laws and standards.  The code requires all persons performing work to obtain permits prior to all construction work involving building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical projects.  This requirement applies to all contracted, donated and maintenance projects.  In addition the BCCO is responsible to inspect all work performed to ensure code compliance is achieved and buildings are safe for occupancy.

What happens if I do not obtain the required permit(s)?

A Correction Notice will be issued and the non-permitted installation will be placed out of service and use. A permit will be required to be obtained along with all the required inspections. If the items that are required inspections are covered up or concealed in any fashion, they shall be uncovered and inspected. This may require destruction to occur and the installation be installed again at your expense. A simple phone call to the BCCO prior to start of installation would be very helpful to you and your installation.

How much does a permit cost?

All permits issued by the Building Code Compliance Office are free of charge. This means that you will get the satisfaction and piece of mind that whatever you construct or install will be code compliant and safe for the students, staff and general public that learn, work and visit all of the OCPS schools and facilities without a cost associated.

How do I apply for a permit?

Visit the BCCO website at

Under the sectioned titled "Permitting" there is a form titled "MyGov Registration Request".  Click the form to open and view it; all the items listed must be submitted to the email address at the top of the form.  When BCCO receives the items via email they will create the MyGov registration and respond to your email with additional information.  You will also receive and activation letter from MyGov that will provide instructions on how to create a user name and password.  Once those are created, you may apply for a permit.  Back under the "Permitting" section of the BCCO website you will find step by step instructions for applying for a permit and requesting inspections.

How do I cancel a scheduled inspection?

Send an email to [email protected] with your written request to cancel an inspection.  You must include your permit number and project location.  Your request must be received prior to inspector’s arrival on site to avoid a failed inspection and assessed re-inspection fee.

How do I request an inspection?

Login to MyGov and go to your active project and click the magnifying glass. IF YOU ARE A CONTRACTOR click the name of inspection Add a note (Date of inspections, am/pm or anytime, and a description of what you want inspected.) Save. Click request inspection and set inspection. IF YOU ARE A SUB-CONTRACTOR, login to MyGov and go to your active page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and on the left side search for your company's name. Click "view". Click the magnifying glass. Click the name of inspection. Add a note (Date of inspections, am/pm or anytime, and a description of what you want inspected.) Save. Click request inspection and set inspection.