Digital Learning consists of three teams: Digital Learning Outreach, Instructional Systems, and Instructional Technology & Library Media

As part of the Curriculum and Digital Learning department, Digital learning focuses on supporting students, teachers, and parents with the purposeful use of digital instructional resources. Digital learning combines technology, digital content, and instruction to strengthen a student's learning experience.

There are TWO digital learning program models. Click on the icons below to learn more about each.

LaunchED 1:1

Bring Your Own Device

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OCPS centrally purchases  major digital apps and platforms for all schools. There are five apps and platforms that all families should be familiar with. 

  1. LaunchPad- this is the landing page that students use to sign in to all other platforms.

  2. Canvas- this is the learning management system where students access and submit assignments.

  3. GSuite for Education- this is cloud storage and productivity suite where students store their files and create digital products.

  4. Microsoft Teams- this is video conferencing system used by teachers with students

  5. LanSchool Air- this is the classroom management software that teachers use to be able to view student screens, direct, and  communicate with students during the school day.
To view a full list of all digital tools and platforms procured by the district, as well as the data privacy information for those sites, please click on the icon below to visit the OCPS Resources Portal. 

OCPS Resource Portal
Click here to learn how OCPS protects your student's data.


The OCPS Parent Portal is your one-stop shop for all of the most important information. Click here to access the OCPS Parent Portal.

The OCPS Parent Portal provides access to:

Click on the icons below to download the mobile applications you need to keep up with your student on the go!

 iOS  Android
OCPS app iconClasslink LaunchPad icon
Canvas Parent
OCPS app iconClasslink LaunchPad icon
Canvas Parent

TECH TIPS, Tours, & training

Google Junior Training and Toolkit for Families

Clueless on how to use Google Drive, Google Docs and the other Google apps students need to use everyday? Check our our Google Junior Training and Toolkit for Families. 

Learn Canvas Parent

Clueless on how to use Canvas Parent to keep up with your student's academic progress?

Check our self-paced Canvas Parent course to learn how! 

Learn Canvas Student

Is your student new to OCPS and not sure how to use Canvas for students? We have a course for that!

Any student or family can check out our self-paced Passport to Canvas course to learn how to use Canvas for students.

Tech Tips for Students

Did you know that there are also Tech Tips for Students?  There are! They are curated in Microsoft Stream so all students can access, because YouTube is not available at the elementary school level. Student need to login to view videos with their OCPS email address ([email protected]) and the same password they use to login to their device.


Tech Tips for Families

Check out our weekly Tech Tips for Families YouTube playlist by clicking on the triangle. Tech Tips are also delivered to families via Connect Orange email. If you are not getting emails, please let your school know.

Additional Tech Tips to help you family succeed with LaunchED can be accessed by clicking on the + below any of the headings below.


Additional Tech Tips to help you family succeed with LaunchED can be accessed by clicking on the headings below.

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Update Information

Join Facebook Group!

There is a dedicated Facebook Group for LaunchED families. Here you can join a community going through the same challenges as you!

Join us today!
Support for LaunchED Families Facebook Header

Check Student Email

email icon with 842 unread messages

Every OCPS student is provided with their own email account but not every OCPS student checks their email account regularly. Beginning in late elementary encourage your student to check and delete their email regularly. 

Teachers use email to send updates and students receive updates from Canvas and other district systems. 

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Virtual College Tours

Virtual College Tour Icon

High School Families: missing out on spring college tours? We have 50 virtual reality tours of national and international colleges and universities.  Each includes a chance for research, discussion, and reflection. 

Virtual Reality College and University Tours

Stay In & Get Out

Distance Assistance- Stay In and Get Out

Did you know you can take a virtual field trip with your family? We have curated the best of the best so you can start traveling today!

Read 20 mins/day

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We recommend that students read at least 20 minutes a day independently and this is a great way to motivate them. Not sure how your students log-on to Beanstack? Need books to read at home? No problem, head on over to LaunchPad  and visit Destiny Discover for a selection of OCPS e-books or use your Orange County Virtual Library Card to access thousands more. Click the links below to learn more. 

Practice Keyboarding

Practice Keyboarding

What's faster paint drying or your child typing their assignment? Help them work smarter and finish faster by encouraging keyboarding practice. Learning to keyboard is as essential as handwriting for students in grades 3 and up. Check out these self-paced keyboarding practice lessons to get started today! 

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Register for Parent Portal

Parent Portal Icon with the number one equals a computer window with icons

Did you know that there is a parent version of LaunchPad too?! We call it the OCPS Parent Portal. But instead of access to textbooks, it gives parents access to important platforms like Canvas, Skyward and more with just one password. Register today to see what your child is working on!

Check Grades

Image showing Skyward as the official OCPS gradebook

Your child may be submitting assignments in multiple places. However, we want you to know that teachers will post all assignments that contribute to your child’s grade to Skyward, the official gradebook for OCPS. A suggestion would be to set a reminder to log in to the OCPS Parent Portal weekly to check the Skyward gradebooks for information on missing work, assignment grades, and overall class averages.

Monitor Learning

Image showing Canvas calendar and alerts showing on a computer monitor and a smart phone

Giving your child kudos and helpful tips when they are learning from a distance helps them see the value in what they are doing. If your child's teacher is using Canvas to post assignments, you can monitor your child's progress using your Canvas Parent Account from any device. Remember your OCPS Parent Portal account gets you access to Canvas Parent and much more. Haven't registered for an OCPS Parent Portal Account yet? Do it today and access Canvas Parent tomorrow!

Check out the video below to learn the TOP 10 Tips for Parents on Canvas.

Access Progress Reports

Image shows steps 1-4 to accessing Progress Reports

Progress Reports are provided once each marking period. For some parents, this may be the first time they have checked a student progress report online. You can get to progress reports and report cards using your OCPS Parent Portal account in just four clicks. The link below is a step-by-step YouTube video to show you how.

Connect Alexa Devices

Laptop connected to amazon device asking Alexa a Canvas skill

Now you can quickly access course information from your Canvas account with Alexa—without ever having to open Canvas.

The Skill lets students or parents who have an Alexa-enabled device simply "ask Canvas" things like…


  • What are my grades
  •  Do I have anything missing?
  •  What's due on Friday?
  •  Are there any new announcements? 
  • Alexa will tell students what they need to know—right that moment, using whatever information is already in their teachers' Canvas course sites.

Click here to learn how to set up the Alexa Skill for Canvas on your Amazon device.

Accessibility Tips

Try Read & Write for Google

Read and Write for Google is a Google extension to gives all students and staff an accessibility toolbar that makes reading and writing easier. 

Read and Write for Google is available on Google Docs, Google Slides, Canvas, Seesaw, and on most web pages in Google Chrome.

Read and Write for Google Feature Poster

Try Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader gives all students and staff an accessibility toolbar that makes reading and writing easier.

Immersive Reader is available on Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, One Note, Teams, Canvas, Nearpod, Flipgrid, Minecraft and on most web pages in Microsoft Edge.

Access in Microsoft Teams

Meet, chat, and collaborate inclusively with Teams!


Access meetings and participate from anywhere with Teams desktop and mobile apps and Teams on the web.


Communicate effectively with everyone regardless of language, cognitive needs, or visual capabilities.


Enable collaboration for everyone by adapting to different learning paces, motor skills, and communication preferences.

More features that help us all do our best work

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Utilize LaunchPad

LaunchPad Image

Classlink LaunchPad is the single sign-on portal for students and staff. It provides one click access to all of our applications without remembering a bunch of passwords. LaunchPad can be used on a desktop or mobile devices. It is the default page for students when they are logged in to the Google Chrome browser with their OCPS email address. Check out one of these videos to learn how to use LaunchPad on your device.




Install Student Apps

Image of LaunchPad and Canvas

OCPS provided tablets and laptops come with all of the applications your child needs pre-installed. But OCPS also has important mobile apps you may want to consider installing on your student's mobile devices like a phone and/or tablets if you choose to use a personal device! Apps available for iOS and Android devices. 


 Canvas Student

Microsoft Teams

Plan Your Week

Image of Canvas Calendar

Online or offline- LaunchED is new for everyone! In some cases your child's teacher may provide assignments that are due by the end of the week. Help your students avoid the Friday crunch by planning out their week, so [email protected] fits your family's lifestyle. Try these tools to help! 

Prepare for Live Lessons

A key feature of the [email protected] model is daily live lessons which occur through Microsoft Teams. Before your first live lesson, make sure your child has their device placed on a hard surface and that the webcam is roughly at their eye level. They should be sitting far enough away that the teacher can see them from the shoulder up. It is also helpful, but not required, for students to either sit facing a window or have desk lamp on near them. 

web cam placement webcam lighting

Microsoft Teams

Internet Tips Icon

Request a Hotspot

Encourage Online Safety

Distance Assistance-Encourage Online Safety

Safety is our top priority when students are learning in school or at a distance. Help us encourage online safety for students by a) Using sites that protect student information. Look for sites that start with an https:// like LaunchPad, b) Requiring students to be signed in to the Chrome browser using their OCPS student account, c) Use technology in open common spaces, if possible, never allow video conferencing behind closed doors and d) Discuss the difference between personal vs. private information with students and remind them to keep passwords private.

Update Home Internet Settings

Update Home Internet Setting Icon

Keep students safe online is a team sport and you are the MVP. OCPS supports families by continuing to filter student internet usage on OCPS devices at home 24/7 . You can support student safety too by updating your home internet settings to address areas that are specific to your family. Depending on your internet provider parents may be able to pause internet access, schedule wi-fi availability, set time access limits, and more. Click on the links below to learn more about the parent controls available from your cable provider.



Maximize Bandwidth

Slow Bandwidth speeds on a computer

There is nothing more frustrating than internet issues when you are trying to use technology for learning. Here are five tips for maximizing your bandwidth.

  1. Call-In: Some platforms like BigBlueButton have a call-in numbers that teachers can provide in a pinch to improve audio when connections are low. Don't forget to mute!
  2. Change video resolution: We want to see your student's face but it does not need to be in high def. You can adjust the resolution down for the web camera to 480 or 360. This will make it less likely to freeze up.
  3. Stay close to your router: When at home try to have students sit in the same room as your router. Make sure your router is on a table or elevated to approximately the same level/height your student is working at with no items obstructing it.
  4. Quit multitasking: Encourage students to close additional tabs and programs when video conferencing. More tabs equals more working memory being used and slower speed.
  5. Limit the amount of people on the network: When at home, more people may be using the internet than you think at one time. When students need to use video conferencing or other work for school, limit the number of people use the internet for gaming, watching tv, surfing the web, or using their mobile phone. It helps!

Device Tips Icon

Clean Devices

microfiber cloth wiping iPad screen

In partnership with the manufacturers of district purchased devices, the following guidance has been provided to clean and care for devices. Before cleaning, devices should be off and unplugged. Liquid should not be poured onto any device for cleaning or disinfection purposes

Several of our computer manufacturers have posted cleaning documents for mobile devices:

Apple Device Care

Dell Device Care

HP Device Care

Lenovo Device Care

Restart Weekly

Finger pushing power button

Student devices are updated wirelessly and remotely during the school year, to keep devices in tip top show. But in order for some updates to take effect you MUST restart your device. We recommend totally shutting down and restarting each device once per week in order to ensure it is working at its best. Make it a Sunday routine to get ready for the week!

Health Tips Icon

Be Eye Wise

Distance Learning-Be Eye Wise

Sometimes students get caught up in learning and forget to step away. When learning online, the American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Ophthalmology say it is important that students plan to look away from the screen every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds. Guess what! There is an app for that! Try one of these Chrome extensions to encourage healthy breaks and reduce eye strain.

Take Brain Breaks

Distance Assistance-Take Brain Breaks

Whether your child is working online or offline, recent brain research tell us it is important to give their brain frequent breaks! Taking just a 1-3 minute break to get up and get active or practice mindfulness can help your child stay engaged and on task longer. Our youngest learners may need breaks every 10-15 minutes but most students benefit from a break every 25-30 minutes. Not sure how to make brain breaks fun? No problem! Click on the link below to check out a ready-made brain break activities just for you!

Stay Active

Stay Active Tips Icon

Using technology for learning, doesn't mean you can't stay active. Students need to get up and move frequently. To ensure they stay on top of their game engage in least 60 minutes of activity every day. Get outside and walk, run, bike, or skate (maintaining six feet of distance from those around- of course!). Too hot or rainy to go out? We've got you covered! Check out the at-home activities for virtual recess below.

Use Dark/Night Mode

Student using iPad in dimly lit area.

Using dark mode can help eliminate the blue light that is emitted by some devices. Blue light has been linked to having trouble falling asleep. 

Windows 10 Laptops

Click here to learn how to turn on Night Mode.


The Night Shift on an iPad is designed to automatically adjust the colors of the display to the warmer end of the spectrum — making the display easier on eyes between sunset and sunrise when enabled. 
Click here to learn how to use night shift on iPad.

The Dark Mode on an iPad help students better view the screen in low light environments anytime of the day or night. 
Click here to learn how to use dark model on iPad. 

Student App Tips

Use Digital Resource Site

OCPS has an awesome Digital Resource site just for parents! Here you can learn more about the digital resources provided throughout Orange County Public Schools.  

You can get to it by visiting clicking on the link in the site menu or here. 

Use Google File Stream

Google drive for desktop icon in laptop system tray

Login to Chrome Browswer

Google chrome browser icon on laptop

Login to Teams Desktop

Microsoft Teams icon on laptop

Troubleshoot Sound

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