During all school closures, the district will continue its efforts to implement strategies to support students without internet access at home. Below are the district's current options to ensure students have internet access at home to continue their work and education without interruption.

Low and No Cost Internet Service Providers

The district currently supports relationships with Spectrum, Comcast and other internet providers who provided internet access to families who qualify for the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program. During a school closure we will continue to leverage these partnerships and work to ensure local cable providers open access to the internet at no charge to students.

Internet Options Flyers

Internet Service Providers

The following local Internet Service Providers have taken the Keep America Connected Pledge and are offering low and no cost services at this time:


The district currently supports partnerships with two mobile providers: Sprint and T-Mobile. These partnerships support tens of thousands of free hotspots and data for middle and high school students. The vast majority of these hotspots are already in the hands of students who need them and they would remain there in the event of a school closure.

Families can connect more than one device to a hotspot. Students in grades 4-12 who do not have a hotspot in their household, but need one can complete the form below. Once the form is complete Instructional Technology Services will contact the school and the school will contact the students with information on how and when they can pick up the hotspot.