Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards ensures the continued confidence of the community by upholding the integrity and performance of our employees. We provide guidance to principals, managers and supervisors in contract interpretation, policy and procedures, employee discipline, and performance matters, along with Stellar Customer Service.

Jason M. Batura

Russell R. Waters
Assistant Director

Fax 407-317-3271
Email: [email protected]

Support Staff

Kristie Loughran - Admin. Specialist - Assistant to Director
Yadira Santiago Perez - Admin. Secretary
Kristania Vielot - Admin. Secretary
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Contact Information

  • Jason M. Batura
    Director, Professional Standards

  • Russell R. Waters
    Assistant Director - District Wide Administration, Fort Gatlin, Tampa Ave, Training, District Police, Step 3 Grievances, Mediation and Arbitration

    Acacia Vierbicky
    Senior Manager - North Learning Community; Pine Hills Transportation Compound

  • Mesha Gunter
    Senior Manager - East Learning Community; Facilities; Hanging Moss Transportation

  • Rivers Lewis
    Senior Manager - High Schools, School Choice

  • Jason Loomis
    Senior Manager - Southwest Learning Community; Career and Technical Education;

  • Eric Olsen
    Transportation Compound

  • Irine Roth
    Senior Manager - Southeast Learning Community; Lake Nona Transportation Compound

  • Andrew Read
    Senior Manager - West Learning Community; Food and Nutrition Services, RBELC (Non-Administrators)