Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards investigates employee misconduct which may arise in various forms and severity, including child abuse to other varying forms of ethics violations, such as falsification, misappropriation of funds, or code of civility issues. Employee misconduct can occur on or off-campus, with or without students and/or employees. On a day-to-day basis, we handle administrators' concerns related to Collective Bargaining Agreement interpretations, investigate charges of School Board policy violations, resolve conflicts between administrators and employees, and facilitate the appeal and formal grievance processes.

Jason M. Batura

Russell R. Waters
Assistant Director

Fax 407-317-3271
Email: [email protected]

Support Staff

Kristie Loughran - Admin. Specialist - Assistant to Director
Yadira Santiago Perez - Admin. Secretary
Kristania Vielot - Admin. Secretary
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Contact Information

  • Jason M. Batura
    Director, Professional Standards

  • Russell R. Waters
    Assistant Director - District Wide Administration, Training, District Police, Step 3 Grievances, Mediation and Arbitration

  • Lindsey Lipschutz
    Assistant Principal-on-Assignment
    (COVID-19), Special Projects

  • Acacia Vierbicky
    Senior Manager -District-wide Transportation Compounds; District-wide Food and Nutrition

  • Andrew Read
    Senior Manager - East Learning Community

  • Rivers Lewis
    Senior Manager - High Schools

  • Jason Loomis
    Senior Manager - Southwest Learning Community

  • Irine Roth
    Senior Manager - Southeast Learning Community

  • Cynthia Mills
    Senior Manager - West Learning Community
  • Noelia Gomez
    Senior Manager - North Learning Community
  • Andrew Gillespie
    Senior Manager -Innovation Office, STO, Facilities Services, RBELC, Career and Technical Education, ESE Centers, School Choice