OCPS Career and Technical Education strives for one common goal throughout our secondary and post-secondary programs: changing lives through education. This goal is achievable through industry-based, high-skill training programs designed to prepare all students for the future they have always imagined. It is critical to provide students with both the academic and technical instruction needed for success in today’s workplace.

High School Career and Technical Education Programs

Every OCPS high school has career and technical education courses that help students learn career-related skills, achieve industry certifications and earn articulated college credit – all from their home high school, as well as on Orange Technical College (OTC) campuses. CTE courses prepare students for a career in their field of interest through industry-based curriculum, highly qualified teachers and modern equipment currently used in the field. There are many career fields to explore within OCPS high schools, including gaming & simulation; multimedia design; construction; manufacturing; health care; automotive; and more. Please visit the career specialist on your child’s high school campus for more information.

Orange Technical College Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment offered through OTC allows students to immerse themselves in their chosen field by enrolling in technical college classes while remaining enrolled at their home high school. With cutting-edge programs in a variety of growing career fields, every student is one step away from finding his/her passion in life and gaining valuable work-related experience – all before he/she graduates from high school.  Dual enrollment programs may be offered on the high school campus or may require students to spend half of the school day at an OTC campus. There is no tuition cost to the student to participate in dual-enrollment courses.

Youth Apprenticeship

Youth apprenticeship programs in the Academy of Construction Technology are two-year programs that are great ways to explore careers in construction. These in-depth, hands-on trainings offer an overview of a variety of trades (masonry, carpentry, HVAC, electrical, plumbing) and related instruction to emphasize the qualifications and skills needed for each trade. Career-entry advice, and emphasis on the importance of succeeding in school and in the workforce, are included benefits. Youth apprentices also are given the opportunity to interview with one of 50 industry contractors for a summer on-the-job-training experience.

Orange Technical College

OCPS is home to five technical college campuses (Avalon, Mid Florida, Orlando, Westside and Winter Park), collectively known as Orange Technical College (OTC), which offers career certificate training programs that feature affordable tuition, highly qualified instructors and a real-world curriculum. OTC serves as a gateway to careers in health science; information technology; transportation; audio/video technologies; manufacturing; hospitality; tourism; and much more. OTC is also a leading provider of adult general education and ESOL (English as a Second Language) training in Central Florida. The interactive classrooms and simulated work environments provide students with hands-on experiences that build the confidence to succeed in the workplace.

OCPS Tech Express to Valencia College

After completing a qualified program at OTC, students can apply for earned credits toward completing an associate in Science degree at Valencia College. Graduates who hold both a career certificate and an A.S. degree can increase career options and earnings potential. Tech Express to Valencia advisors can be found at each OTC campus, helping guide students through their educational journey.