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Thank you for choosing Orange County Public Schools' home education program.
Home education is 100% parent driven.  By enrolling in home education, the parent is assuming all educational responsibilities regardless of the mechanism used to educate their child.  This includes all correspondence curriculum, books, or online curriculum
(OCVS FLEX, FLVS FLEX/Full-time). 

The Home Education Office does not have access to any of the above third-party educational records.

Home education is in lieu of attending a public, charter, or private school.

Upon deciding to establish and maintain a home education program for your child, you will be governed by Florida statutes regarding compulsory school age attendance laws as they relate to home education.

Students with a prior pattern of public school non-attendance may be subject to monthly portfolio reviews. 

It is our strong hope that you experience a great deal of success with the home education program. Please know that we are available to help you get started effectively in this program within the established parameters of the law.
For further assistance, please contact our office via email: [email protected].  

This program does not provide books, curriculum, or materials.

The Home Education Program DOES NOT provide transcripts.

Students enrolled in the Home Education Program

do not receive a high school diploma or certificate of completion.

If it is your intent to utilize a virtual education program, you must set up an OCVS FLEX or FLVS FLEX account prior to completing the Letter of Intent.