District rewards 36 students for SAT prep
Posted on 03/13/2019
Khan Academy Recipients receive award at Board Meeting
At Tuesday’s board meeting, Harold Border, chief of high schools, recognized 36 students for their work toward improving their SAT score.

According to College Board, students who spend 20 hours on Official SAT Practice see an average gain of 115 points from their PSAT/NMSQT to SAT score.

The students recognized exceeded those expectations, gaining at least 300 points from their 11th grade PSAT score in the fall of their junior year to their 12th grade SAT score in the fall of their senior year. This point increase is attributed to their practice on OSP, as the students practiced from three to 42 hours.

The district’s efforts to increase SAT scores, earned OCPS the Proof of Practice MYP Award for the highest percentage of students practicing 20 or more hours. OCPS had 800 students that practiced at least 20 hours. The Council for the Great City Schools and College Board partnership focuses on improving career and college readiness for students by increasing access to Official SAT Practice. The award included a monetary recognition of $15,000 that OCPS elected to distribute to students in the form of scholarships as a show of appreciation for their commitment to their education.

Khan Academy Contest Recipients

Joanna A. Alvarez* - Olympia HS
Dionisio N. Alvelo* - Cypress Creek HS
Dante A. Bondi - Timber Creek HS
Camila Calicchio-Ortiz - Cypress Creek HS
William M. Delgado - Winter Park HS
Markel Evans - Dr. Phillips HS
Daisy I. Exposito - Lake Nona HS
Tyanna Felder - Wekiva HS
Angelina Fernandez - Dr. Phillips HS
Matthew Finkbeiner* - Wekiva HS
Andres Garcia* - Dr. Phillips HS
Diego Garcia* - Dr. Phillips HS
Sally A. Golden - West Orange HS
Edgar Gonzalez* - West Orange HS
Kingsley Gooden* - Dr. Phillips HS
Marrio Green - Jones HS
Andrea E. Hernandez-Ecarr - Lake Nona HS
Miguel E. Hernandez-Herrera - Lake Nona HS
Marqus Howard - Apopka HS
Christopher P. Huang* - West Orange HS
Anthony Juba-Richardson* - Dr. Phillips HS
Sereena Muhr - Wekiva HS
Guilherme Oliveira-Alves - Dr. Phillips HS
Samuel Rodriguez - Edgewater HS
Jacob Samuel - Windermere HS
Brayan A. Sanchez-Ochoa* - Dr. Phillips HS
Arash Shahbazian - Olympia HS
Felicia Shoemate - Jones HS
Robert Soto - Boone HS
Shara Teague - Jones HS
Mackella L. Topinka* - Apopka HS
Emilie F. Trammell* - West Orange HS
Jasmine Williams* - Dr. Phillips HS
Cavail J. Young - Oak Ridge HS
Zack E. Zawacki - Olympia HS
Meghan Zengotita - Colonial HS