Multilingual Services hosts Spanish Spelling Bee
Posted on 01/22/2020
Competitors group photo

Fifty-five students from 32 middle schools competed in the Spanish Spelling Bee, Jan. 22. Students studied close to 1,200 words from the National Spanish Spelling Bee list. Competitors could ask for the word to be repeated, defined and/or used in a sentence to help clarify the word being asked. 

The winners of the Spanish Spelling Bee:

Champion - Khadedra John - Piedmont Lakes Middle School

2nd place - Valentina Martinez- Avalon Middle School

3rd place - Kamille Maldonado - Lake Como Middle School

4th place - Miguel Palacios - Hunter’s Creek Middle School

5th Grade - Nicole Frontado - Piedmont Lakes Middle School


Felicidades! (Congratulations)