Student helps others, receives 'cool' swag 🎦
Posted on 12/20/2018

’Tis the season for giving and helping others, are minor reasons a fifth grader used his own money to pay the balances of all delinquent lunch accounts at Avalon Elementary School.

After watching a documentary on “lunch shaming,” Arman Shah wanted to bring awareness to this practice in other schools across America. Shah felt donating the money he earned from working for his uncle could help start a conversation about the issue.

On Dec. 19, Arman received a surprise visit from Nike representatives, and OCPS district officials to recognize this generous act.

Armed with custom-made Nike Air Max 270 limited edition shoes, with his name on them, company representatives thanked Shah for the good deed.

“Thank you for being a hero. You’re a hero to your peers, and we don’t want what you did to go unnoticed. At Nike, we believe in serving the athlete and you did just that. Thank you for allowing us to serve you today,” said DeAndra Brown, Nike Athlete Talent Attraction coach.

Nike representatives hoped the public celebration would encourage others to follow this student’s example. In addition to the shoes, the pile of Nike gear included a hoodie, SB backpack with water bottle, bracelets, arm bands, headband and pens. They also gave him candy and a Spiderman bank.

“I hope you all will take this with you and spread the word to do good things for other people. That’s what life is about. Our purpose is to help others. Of course, it’s ok to receive things, but it’s better to give,” said Prince LeBoo, senior administrator for Innovation Schools, to Shah and his classmates. “The world could be a better place if we did these things. Just give and help other people, show kindness and love and show appreciation to others. Whether it’s small or on a big scale, it goes a long way. Remember, we don’t always receive gifts or media coverage for the good deeds that we do, but it comes back to us in one-way, shape or form.”

Shah was surprised by all the gifts that he described as “so cool.” He plans to keep working for his uncle to save more money to send to another school to pay off their lunch debts.  He hopes his actions will inspire other kids.

“Help others whenever you can, with lunch or anything else, cause it’s helpful to our society,” said Shah.