'Zombies' thrill live audiences
Posted on 10/29/2018
College Park performers at Albert Park
In the spirit of Halloween, College Park Middle School’s Dance 3 students performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to live audiences on Edgewater Drive.

With ripped clothing and “blood”-stained faces, 13 “zombies” started their flash mob at the entrance of Publix Supermarkets, and then performed at Albert Park, the Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen, EmbellishFX and ended at Gabriel’s Submarine Sandwiches.

“My favorite part is that it’s dedicated to my idol, Michael Jackson. He inspires me so much and I can showcase that through the dance,” said Joy McMillan, an eighth grade dancer.

(Music only - No voice)

Jennelye Todman, dance instructor, choreographed the routine to include the well-known “Thriller” zombies along with traditional jazz moves, so the students could have fun and showcase their technique.

Todman provides live performance opportunities to her advanced students so they can experience the nerves, thrill and exhaustion of being a professional dancer.

“This allows them to see what the real world is like, and how to utilize the word ‘professionalism.’ They know in school they behave one way with their friends, but when they’re in the community, they are representing the school and their family. So the level of professionalism has to be up to par,” said Todman. “Seeing them perform to 100 percent of their ability is what’s amazing to me. They’re very passionate about what they do and you can definitely see it in their performances.”